BP and Bhopal; Strange difference in American attitudes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldcolt, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Obama and the Americans seem a bit keen for BP to pay compensation for the disaster in the Gulf. 11 people have died and the environment has been ruined. Fair enough, BP should clear up their mess and compensate where appropriate.

    However, will the American people now press as strongly to compensate the families of the 15,000+ people who died and circa 500,000 who were affected or suffered horrendous injuries at Bhopal due to a subsidiary of the American Union Carbide company in 1984? Funny, they seem awfully quiet about that :evil:

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  2. but dont forget, that if out side of the us of a it's not real
  3. Nothing unusual with the American double standards. Just the simple case of them telling China and the rest of the world that they have to cut emission before we all die and kill the planet ……… but almost all drive car/trucks with huge engines!
  4. I wonder if the 'Great Black Hype' has been breifed up by Cameron to that effect yet??

    If not he fvckin well should have!!

    That man has been a pr1ck the whole way through this incident.
  5. You should see what the American oil companys have done in Nigeria, it was a an oil soaked shite hole twenty years ago but according to the media is much worse now, but a few big bribes go a long way in Africa
  6. I cannot imagine that the chairman of BP, when answering Obama's summons to the White House, will roll over and concede. Surely he has any number of weapons in his arsenal to p**s on the president' chip's? I would not be surprised if Obama does a bit of an about turn. His last address to the nation seemed more subdued than recent examples.
  7. Hush now kiddies.

    Unless you are an expert on this matter as well Tropper.

    99.9% of spill in Nigeria is caused by militant action or 'community' interference, hot tapping into pipe to steal and sell on.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    and 85% of statistics are made up by the person quoting them.
  9. There's very little doubt that the majority of spills in Nigeria are, as Northern Biff says, caused by 'communities' or 'militants'. There's no real comparison with the BP spill. But Obama has been rather reticent about Nigeria considering how important African oil is to the US's strategy.
  10. I could provide the data but I won't.
    We have community clean up companies comprising local workers set up specifically to deal with any spill.
    Guess what, if there isnt enough work, they pay a mate a few bucks and they have enough work to keep them going all week!
    It's a nightmare!
  11. Was interested to hear a snippet on the news the other day about a similar situation that happened in Mexico (?) a few years back it took the oil company (?) about EIGHT months to sort the problem. I believe their solution is what BP is finally doing right now. Didn't see the full item so can't link the story.

    Obviously in the time since NO oil company has come up with a better plan for this eventuality, which in my mind seems not very forward thinking. The old argument of "this doesn't happen very often so any contingency plan would not be cost effective" is sure going to break down if BP go under/get snapped up by another oil company. I can almost see the wolves circulating.

    Talking of a fun day out...what was with all the oil companies' Chairmans at the Senate Hearing (?). From all their answers it looked like a case of "hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil". Wolves the lot of them, just the chance to watch them squirming in their seats though.
  12. What he said.

    And how exactly is this accident like 911 ? Is Barak implying that AQ, aided by BP and Haliburton, did this on purpose ?

    Fekin Merkins ! (Not all of them but a goodly proportion - JJH excluded for sure ! ). Or maybe it's feckin politicians ................. ?

    And why aren't our lot telling it like it is to the Merkins ?

  13. As I understand it, people are still pursuing compensation claims against Dow Chemical (formerly known as Union Carbide) so if the government does get BP over a barrel on this, especially if they use legislation to legally enforce their responsibility for the utter **** up that they are ultimately responsible for, then there's the hope that it will set a precedent which could be useful in the ongoing court cases.
    Unlikely, mind.