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'Boys weekend' to Hameln

Although it pains me to admit it. my eldest son was once a slop jockey. From 1978 to 1982 he was helping to 'nourish' 35 Armoured Engineers at Hameln. He and a handful of ACC and RE contemporaries are planning a nostalgic road trip to the old place in August. I have no doubt they'll find it much changed. Any Arssers able to say what watering holes have closed, what's happened to Gordon Barracks etc.and where a convivial time may still be had?
I left Hameln in 94 and went back in 12/13, can't remember which. And the town has changed completely! So for those that served in 82 it will be nothing like it was back then.
IIRC Gordon Bks now has 28 ER or did have. Have they been disbanded yet?
Can you ask him to take some phots of Gordon Bks and town for you to post up?

Would be great to see the changes.
I'm ex STAB, I hit Gordon barracks in 88, 89 and 90.

Hard deck guard on the Weser was shit.


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28 Engr Regt have disbanded. Gordon Barracks is now a refugee centre.
28 Engr Regt have disbanded. Gordon Barracks is now a refugee centre.
No doubt standards of turnout have improved there, then.
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