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POWER BALL - Gain Immense Strength!!!


So just how does this wonder work? It's easy. Just insert the hard end of the cord into the hole – in the rotor of course! Turn the rotor forward with your thumb, keeping pressure on the cord between your other fingers to keep it tight as it winds around the rotor groove.
When around 3 inches of cord are still poking out of the ball, stop winding and hold the ball with the rev counter in the palm of your hand. Keep the string facing upwards, then give the remaining 3 inches of cord a quick sharp tug downwards with your other hand.

The rotor should be spinning like mad by now. Keep turning your wrist – but NOT your arm – in a stirring motion. The pressure then increases as the gyroscopic forces begin acting on your arm and wrist. These forces slow you down – your job is to fight against it and get the speed up!

The Neon Powerball is not only highly beneficial, but highly addictive. Once you've started spinning, you won't want to put it down until you've beaten your last score. Your arms will feel like lead, and it's worth it. Can you beat the Boys Stuff record of 11,362 RPM?

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Bringing you 100's of cool toys & gadgets...

Who said we have to 'Grow Up'?!!!

"Toy/Gadget/Experience Offer of the Day":

The Virtual Fighting Arena

Give your PS2 games a whole new interactive dimension – when you move, so does the game's character!
Some people claim playing videogames is a passive experience, although anyone who's spent days screaming in frustration as they try and crack Tomb Raider would disagree. But if it's total involvement you want, the Virtual Fighting Arena provides it. With this amazing bit of kit you don't use a control pad to play the game – you use your own body.

Designed for use with the PlayStation 2, the Virtual Fighting Arena was developed by the people behind the famous dance mat. But if you prefer Grand Theft Auto to getting down on the dancefloor, you'll be pleased to know the dance mat's technology is your key to mastering your favourite videogame.

Here's how it works. The Virtual Fighting Arena mat plugs straight into your PS2 in place of the standard controller. This works in conjunction with four state of the art wireless body sensors, which attach to your arms and legs with Velcro® straps. These sensors copy your movements, so when you kick, the game character kicks; when you punch, they punch!

The rest of the usual control pad functions (start, up, select, fire and the four directional moves) are operated through the mat itself. To activate, jump on or tap the relevant sensor spots. Using your own body to control the game character makes moves easier to judge, and the lack of constraint allows you to achieve the sort of high speed moves that aren't usually possible with a standard controller.

The Virtual Fighting Arena offers never-before-seen levels of involvement, realism and interaction with a videogame. That supremely satisfying punch when you knock your virtual nemesis flying gives you a greater rush than ever when it's your fist throwing it. Now you don't need to just sit in front of a screen – you can be part of the action.

As well as bringing your game to life in a whole new way, the Virtual Fighting Arena makes gamesplaying a far more active pursuit too. Have you spent too long with a control pad in one hand and a tube of Pringles in the other, slowly growing a couch potato's belly? There's nothing inactive about this. Get a full workout without missing out on playing time – and without setting foot in a gym.

With super-accurate sensors developed by missile guidance technicians, the Virtual Fighting Arena is more than just a fancy toy. It's a whole new gaming experience. We're not just playing anymore.

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