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Hi Guys,

Did anyone see the news this evening about the rememberance parade for the guys killed when the Nimrod came down in Afgan a few months back?

There was an interview with one of the fallen`s Wife, well it certainly brought it home to me, we swan off on these tours, with not a thougth to our families....this poor girl was saying how she puts her children to bed, and then how quiet the house becomes without her husband.

I got out of the Army in 2002, just as all this War on Terror business was starting, in a moment of madness I volunteered to do a tour of Iraq, Queen & Country and all that, was I ******* mad? Luckily I came back without a scratch a lot didn`t. Before seeing this news report, I was thinking that maybe I`d do one more tour, just one more job one more gong, but having seen this and damage I could cause to my loved ones, no sorry but it would be to selfish. I don`t want to push my luck any more, I`ve done 4 tours around the world, is that enough?

Am I alone in this thought who knows?



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"When living your life, like an arrow in flight, you must always except that the end, is in sight. Grateful at least for the fact, that you knew. You came for death it did not come for you".

R.I.P Den

Airborne to F****!!!!!!!!!!


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