Boys in Blue Clamping Down on Dangerous Golliwogs!!

Sorry about linking to the Scum. :roll:

Gollies public enemy No1

COPS raided Donald Reynolds’ shop — and seized three GOLLIES on display in his window.

Stunned Donald, 53, is being investigated over the “racially offensive” black dolls and could face prosecution.

Police rang on a Sunday saying there had been “an incident” at his premises.

Fearing a break-in, he dashed to the shop — but was told there had been a complaint about the gollies.

Donald said: “I thought it was a joke but the officer loaded them in his car.

“I’m furious. It’s political correctness gone mad. I’m not racist, just trying to make a living.”

Donald had stocked up with several hundred gollies along with other gift items to sell in his hardware shop in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

Dozens of the gollies were snapped up in weeks.

Donald said: “They went to to middle-aged people who remembered them from childhood. I’m in shock. If the police put as much time into catching criminals as they have into this nonsense, the country would be a safer place.”

West Mercia Police acted under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. It outlaws displaying “offensive material likely to lead to alarm, harassment or distress”.

A spokesman said: “It is not a crime to sell these dolls but a member of the public found them racially offensive. We take these matters very seriously.

“Inquiries are ongoing. We cannot say yet if Mr Reynolds will face charges.”

Worcester Racial Equality Council said gollies “may worsen race relations”.

SUN journalist Anthony France, a black Briton, called the police action “lunacy”.
He said: “I spoke to several black and Asian friends about this. None had a problem.

“We do have a problem with rap records which use the N-word in lyrics. But I can’t see the police raiding HMV.”

Does this mean I am commiting an offence displaying my avatar?
Yep, tax payers money well spent on that police force.

Scum Article
One interpretation of the law for one racial group ,and a different interpretation for another.
I'm truly amazed he didn't get some 'loonie-lefties' in weeks ago when he first put them on display,
mind you,
they are all probably trying to save trees from being felled for a new Tesco's near you. :wink:
A fine job by the police to whom I extend heartfelt congratulations.

But what I want to know is when are they going to crack down on grocers stocking Uncle Ben's Converted Rice (tm) and Aunt Jemima's (tm) pancake mix ?

Also, people who insist on buying these racially obnoxious products, and serving them to their families, should by no means be spared from police raids.


Don't the police collect these gollies as lapel badges, the money going to charity? In fact, I know they do as my mate (gun cop at Heathrow now) bought several and persuaded me to do the same. They were the "Robinson's" jam gollies too.
Is this one rule for one and let's hope noone finds out about what we get up to?
Neasden it must be!
I am suppressing my righteous indignation to give both barrels to a mate in the job on Monday to see what he thinks.
Pathetic - quite pathetic. Don't they have something better to do?
I try to support the police. The majority of coppers do a difficult, sometimes dangerous and often thankless job.
But then you get cnuts like these. And they make the rest of the police look bad.
My missus has got a golliwog on the dashboard of her car that was bought for her from an "odds and sods" shop by a mate of hers that just happens to be black.

If someone complains about the golliwog and she gets done for it, I wonder if I could then get her mate done for aiding and abetting?

Seen as the Frau is in my bad books at the moment anyway for dropping a full bottle of GF down the stairs of my office (b1tch), someone do me a favour and grass on her so I can put it to the test.
This weeks Mardi Gras in New Orleans had a float called the Zulu crew.
They were white and made up as B&W minstrels. Did anyone complain?
Not a chance..........and that in a place that is predominantly Black.


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Does anyone remember the comic Sparky ?

Is ownership of these yet indictable by the Thought Police ?
"You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence."

How long before I get a knock on the door??.......................oh, excuse me, there IS someone at the door with a loud hailer......


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Come on guys. The Polis have to have a bit of fun some time.

Anyway it is really the shopkeeper's fault as he should really have called them choggie-wogs. 8)
What really grips my sh1t is the heartless exploitation and stereotyping of materialistic blonde slappers by the makers of Barbie dolls. When will this stop?


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filthyphil said:
What really grips my sh1t is the heartless exploitation and stereotyping of materialistic blonde slappers by the makers of Barbie dolls. When will this stop?
And Action Man 8O

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