Boys from Baghdad

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by white_rolos, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Howdo lads, Just a quick advertisment for a book coming out next month. Ive stuck it in the Sigs bit as The author is ex Sigs, then onto the legion.
    It had an atricle in the News of the World yesterday (28th May) on page 30.
    If anyone is interested in moving onto the circuit in Iraq then this is the book to read!!!
    As Ive said, the book is called "The Boys from Baghdad" written by Simon Low and is available for pre order on Amazon Uk on July 6th.
    Cheers and apologies if this is in the wrong site!
  2. Hopefully the spelling is a little better than yours.
  3. Ha , fair one and was expected. As im not the author and he probably has a spell checker im not that concerned about it to be honest. Now stop wasting time examining my speeelling , headteacher and go and order the book. ta
  4. Is the author "Simon Low" a pseudonym or is he really called J*** W*****?
  5. Funny, I thought that too! Saw the chap in London just after he came back, said it was a crock!