Boys charged with shooting woman holding baby

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Aug 30, 2005.

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  1. On the part of the scum:

    Little or no morals and little or no fear of the consequences.

    On the part of Government and Opposition; fear that a tough stance (no frills jail and lots of it) on chavs and other untermenschen will result in the human rights lobby and the scum they support calling them ‘Nazis’, ‘racists’, ‘fascists’ and voting for whoever offers twenty four hour drinking and community service instead.
  2. Simply horrible.

    Things like this make me glad I left the country.....:cry:
  3. What will happen to them? I'm left feeling sad that our society has generated such youth.

    From this there should be a change in the law that affects the confinement of these "boys" and they should be sent down for the rest of their naturals BUT again the anti gun lobby with enforce another change in the wrong legislation.

    The convicted juvenile in the Bulger case was out and given a new identity in a short time. This WILL happen to these two and the "Adult" with them will only get 15 years, as he probably didn't pull the trigger.

    Another sad day.

  4. As if a mother being shot in the head at her baby's christening wasn't bad enough, it was 2 bloody KIDS!!!!!!!

    What the fook is happening in this country?

    I saw a programme about a beeb journo trying to find a child soldier who he had reported on in some god forsaken part of Africa. It spoke all about how the warlord loved to recruit kids as they had no fear and that despite there being no war in that country anymore, the kid soldiers were still armed and dangerous. One childrens project worker explained that with out anything to keep them occupied they reverted to the life of soldiering as it was all they knew. After watching this i thought thank feck i dont live there! Im glad it's not like that in Blighty!

    It was only when i hear that it was kids that had killed the mother, that i was shocked out of my self-delusion as to the state of our country. We truly are on the death slide downwards towards the water hazard. Will somebody please step forward with the balls to turn thic ountry around?
  5. Well done to the lass who said no - for which these vermin shot her. In spite of increased governmental 'activity' (or employ more consultants, have more reviews, and bring in more laws because some people won't obey the ones we already have) things seem to be getting worse. I'm sure the figures will show otherwise.

    Can they introduce the "Stockwell defence", of "I thought she was a suicide bomber" ?.
  6. We all know what will happen, once the government cnuts come back nice and brown from their tax payer sponsored holidays, all parties will do a "tearful" press statement and do fcuk all else.....except maybe screw lawful gun owners (again).
  7. The mongs will be back on the street in their late 20s.

    The piece of filth that shot a child in Glasgow has been sentenced to a minimum of 13 years.

    Such worthless wastes of skin should be locked up until they are too enfeebled to pose future problems to society, so that their lives are wasted in the same way as the lives they have ended.
  8. better a live coward than a dead heroine? discuss................
  9. The death slide of which Agent Smith speaks is real and very much a British disease. Every other civilised country can slap their thugs around, jail them, deport them and ignore the vocal non-representative minority that is the human rights industry. Not Cool Britannia. Sceptics will say that the tariff and system of punishment in the US is not the answer as people are still murdered, beaten, robbed etc. Surely it would be a lot worse if the US had our ‘caring’ incarceration.

    It is often forgotten that prison is not only about punishment and rehabilitation. It is about protecting the rest of us. If you are in for life for capital offences or ‘three strikes’ of any criminal activity, rehabilitation is not an issue. Not enough prisons? Build more. Not enough prison officers? Recruit, train qualify.

    There should be no ‘no go’ areas for the police. Mob handed if necessary and to hell with upsetting the community if the community is the fiefdom of thugs. Those who complain about police activity to the extent it ceases (Peckham?) are giving up control to gangsters. Who benefits? Gangsters. Could the human rights industry and gangsters be in cahoots or one and the same?

    Or should I by a roll of Alcan?
  10. Unbelievable, but sadly believable. When on earth is the worm going to turn? I can't comprehend how in 50 years we've gone from being a country with pride, national identity and a sense of self-worth to something that is frankly becoming an embarrassment and almost 3rd World in terms of the state of our civil society.
  11. Unfortunately I think the answers are all over this thread. We all know what needs to bo done but none of us has the courage/backing against faceless NGOs to do anything about it! Sadly, I include myself in this!
    There is no democracy in this country anymore, if there was I do not feel the frustrated rage running through this thread would exist. Of course, if I go and see my GP and say I cant cope anymore I then have an excuse to wait a few years before bumping off all the tossers in my locale. Bit of hand-wringing amongst MPs and Health Authority types and we can all move on again - subject dismissed. What do you think? Workable?
  12. For the first time ever, I am feeling the itch to write to my MP. Over and over agin so he has to read it. Maybe get other people to send the letter too, to their MPs. I'm done with sitting back and watching it happen,someone needs to step up to the mark, so in writing to my mp, I'm attempting to at least find the mark!

    Don't know if it will do any good but ......
  13. DozyBint laments

    Shame, you should be celebrating our society's diversity, our democracy (?) our commitment to human rights, our pop stars, our benefits system, especially the NHS which should be renamed the GHS (Global Health Service) our footballers, our changing skyline, our big televisions in city centres our 'inclusive' (include the disruptive) schools, our commitment to fox welfare, our robust attitude to terrorism (isn't that so Gerry?) twenty four hour drinking (we're so Italiano at heart) ............