Boyfriends haircut today

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Divina, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Army haircuts are not as severe as they used to be. Don't worry.

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  2. They will skin him - be prepared!

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  1. He joined up recently.

    His hair is being cut today! What will they do to him?
  2. Is your boyfriend Rowan Atkinson?
  3. Laugh their c0cks off at him!
  4. Is that pic from the 70's?
  5. Haha - well, he's OK with me posting pics. I reckon his hair will have been cut by now. Waiting for a new pic from him!
  6. Turn him into something resembling human?

    Please tell me you haven't bred with "it"?
  7. What a sense of humor people have here! :D
  8. You might want to take that picture down ... if the other lads from your BFs troop happen to spot it they'll take the mick something rotten.

    EDIT: Are you blonde, coincidentally? You're in the photograph (a little, on the RHS)
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    If they get carried away they might have a go at the eyebrows as well..
  10. and he will be VERY crated. No money at the end of the month for him.... :D
  11. I am blond, yes!
  12. You might add your own picture?
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  13. It is - Rowan

    Here he is

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  14. He could do with a fcuking shave as well. And they might give him some advice about the curtains.

    Having said that, the haircut doesn't change the person underneath the hair. If you have a strong relationship you would expect it to endure. However you do need to be aware that two things WILL change your bf:

    (1) The continuing process of growing older/maturing, and
    (2) Basic training and the whole transition to being a soldier. His life will be completely different from anything he has so far known.

    So you will need to understand the processes he is going through and the challenges he will face in the future. You will need to undersatnd the importance that his "mates" - his fellow soldiers - will have in his life, and the reasons why that will be the case. You will need to be able to support him through all that. Or perhaps you will need to be able to recognise that your lives are now headed in different directions.

    Rear Party is a site that might offer you some support. Good luck.
  15. Thank you, Scweik, for valuable advice.