Boyfriend being Discharged

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by pinkthing26, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right area.

    I wonder if anyone can help with some info/advice as, per usual Army are not being straight.

    My boyfriend has been in for 6 years. While he was in Iraq in 2006 he was diagnosed with Diabetes, he was flown back and treated, he was of course P7 downgraded, he attended a med board and was kept in, on recruiting Now almost three years on they are looking at discharge again, we thought this was over and through his treatment it looked as though he was even getting a posting back to a unit anyway I suppose with all the cutback announcements etc he is an easy target. I have a couple of questions. They are giving him an Admin discharge on Medical grounds? thus he is not entitled to full medical resettlement? Does anyone know exactly what he will be entitled too? we are worried as we know he won't ever earn as much in the real world as he does now and he has alot of debt and even with my wages if he were to earn a standard wage we'd never be able to cover everything. Is there any way he'd get any help or lump sum? He was also told last year that he could claim for his 5 year money, he filled out forms and submitted them only to be told he wasn't entitled as it's five years from when you were 18 and not your join up date, so he was looking to re-apply for it in Feb and he has been told that he's not allowed to as it's only if your committing to another years service after you claim, even though he wants to stay in and has given them six years he's not even entitled to claim for that!!!! At the pace this discharge is going at he could still be in next year!

    If anyone has any advice about help, funding or even if you know of anyone independent we could contact we're it's been going on so long we can't get any straight answers from them re dates or anything cheers
  2. Just suck him off, if he can manage that then he can probably still breed so you have nothing to worry about.
  3. Sorry misread the title of this thread - was about to recommend you contact a STI/STD helpline to deal with the issue.

    Suggest that he touch base with his local resettlement officer for advice. The British Legion also may be able to provide assistance and advice.

  4. If I could suggest:

    Army Welfare Service

    The Royal British Legion

    The British Armed Forces Federation

    The Padre

    The cleaner

    The NAAFI tart

    The local pub landlord

    Or pretty much anyone other than an anonymous website would be a better option to ask for this type of advice
  5. YOOO someone else has seen through this
  6. Just to add my tuppence worth ...I worked with a guy who was diagnosed with diabetes and wasn't forced to leave so I don't understand why your "boyfriend " is being discharged .
  7. Yes very, helpful thanks! I was looking to see if anyone had any personal experience, as I'm sure you'll have noticed I did say that all proper routes of contact are not being forthcoming. I was under the impression that this site was unofficial for the general networking/help/advice/buddying of ex/current servicemen/woman and those that support them! Clearly I was wrong and it actually gives people like you a platform to spew your sarcastic, unhelpful and patronising opinons from!

    To those who offered real advice, thank you!

  8. Gunfighter, this is kind of our point, but we think it is now more of an issue, with the spending cuts/being overmanned in the news at the moment. This is the kind of unofficial feedback I was looking for!

    Thanks xxx
  9. If he's P7 he's not much use so why would he be kept in the army?
  10. oldbaldy

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  11. Thanks for the tip xxx
  12. That's quite impressive. Usually takes people more than a week to grasp that.
  13. My profuse apologies for my late reply, however, I have been away on army stuff (relatively rare on this website)

    If you think that an anonymous website is a conduit for information on real time issues then you deserve everything you get 8O

    Good luck :D
  14. She's got a fcuking excellent point there actually. I also thought that ARRSE was supposed to be where people could come for advice outside of the chain where the advice given was from the real world and not the MOD stance.

    Or should it be called "Armynet" light?

    It's not like her other half ran away with a Chally and gave it to Terry or scampered off under a rock the first time he was shown a picture of a man in a turban

    Stop toeing the fcuking party line. ARRSE was set up in the first place so that advice that was legal and real but that DIDN"T toe the Army line could be disseminated.

    Get off your fcuking horses, they aren't that high.