Boycotting The Sun

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. This was discussed last week whilst I was tenuously connected to Arrse by a crappy dial-up connection and wasn't able to post very often. My own view is that the Army as a whole should strongly consider boycotting the Sun newspaper, for the following reasons:
    • It cloaks itself in 'pro-Army' rhetoric when we start an operation but offers no real support for military personnel, or understanding of what they do or the pressures that affect them.
      It corrupts Army personnel by paying them to leak stories which are already being dealt with by the disciplinary system.
      It holds military personnel to a perverse and unrealistic code of ethics which it wouldn't dream of applying to its own employees.
      It will support whatever policy is likely to most benefit Rupert Murdoch's wallet, whatever that implies for the rest of us.
      There are better tits in the Star and the Sport.
      It's crap.

    By boycott, I suggest that means asking messes not to subscribe and Naafis/YMCAs/Church Army newsagents etc not to stock it.
  2. :D

    Right, I see your point, I think it goes a little too far, or is worded a little wrongly. But I definitely see your point.

    The term "corporate muscle" is the key to this. The sun needs to be made aware that elements of its reporting are unfair/wrong and need to be looked into. The sun is apparently the soldiers' newspaper (it would have you believe), if so, they should listen to us; otherwise we can vote with our feet...

    They also love B-Liar, which is also quite annoying when the majority of the armed forces; dont!
  3. :idea:


    we could start a story here people!

    on our terms for a change!!!!!
  4. Depending on the outcome of the poll: certainly. Hard to imagine rival newspapers not taking an interest. :D

    But watch out for heavy block-voting by journalistic lurkers. :roll:
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  6. I support a boycott, both for the reasons stated by CP, and because the Sun is a byword for the worst sort of journalism. Shoddy research, appalling standards of writing, and a constantly salacious approach are all hallmarks of the Scum's style.

    Since the Scum seems to be the government's unofficial mouthpiece, I am surprised that the Secretary of State for Education, the unlovely but endlessly fertile Ruth Kelly, has not criticised it for its poor standards. How can we encourage our young people to expolore the beauty of the English language if they are brought up on a diet of newspaper stories in which every other word is mis-spelt or written in bold? What will it take? "Minister in Bizarre Religious Cult Shocker", possibly?

    It would also be amusing if the Scum were to be seriously spoofed by someone purporting to have a suitable story for them - as often as possible! :twisted:
  7. CP-
    I voted first (YES'), more as a reflex than anything else; usually I feel an overwhelming urge vomit when confronted by anything to do with the Scum.

    A spot-on analysis of the Scum's position re. the Forces, in general; slap us on the back with the one hand and slip the blade in between the ribs with the other!

    Boycott? Absolutely!
  8. I swear I will never ever purchase or read, The Sun or The Daily Mirror ever again. This includes The News of the World and The People.

  9. I am afraid I would not wipe my arse with the above papers. I much prefer the Telegraph or Times - less sharp edges with no ink staining
  10. :?

    The boycott the sun campaign has lost all momentum...

    Everybody should note todays headline:

    "Queen to snub wedding etc"

    Again they are picking on the boss, we need to cook their goose for this!

    Come on people lets make this a story and seize contol of the media; I saw this work on a James Bond film, it's foolproof!
  11. It hasn't lost momentum Helfyrr.

    The main instigator(s) are at the moment, preparing the background work, expect a concerted campaign to kick off in the next week.


  12. Ah yes, The Times - another of Murdoch's rags. Never been the same since they took the small ads off the front page.

    Personally, I haven't spent a penny on any of Murdoch's rags since he took them over - and haven't bought The Mirror since the late 50's after they castigated our lads in Cyprus for alleged brutality. Different editor, same policies.
  13. I'm a Torygraph person myself, it has good writing, good stories and hates Labour! Also seems to have something against my old school as well, but hey, I'll let it slip!

    I also agree with OldAdam, and I voted yes out of instinct! Can't stand the bloody thing, and you can see better tits on the internet for free!
  14. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    While backing the boycott of The Scum, I am afraid I can't participate as I never get the rag anyway.
  15. The problem with these so called newspapers is that are exactly not that. Picking up a copy of the Star yesterday (It was the only one left in the mess, honest), it was only till I got to page 14 that the first bit of real news was reported. What annoys me, there is a very serious threat to the peace process in NI, Russia going back to her old ways, trouble brewing in Syria/Lebenon and hundreds of thousands dying in Africa etc, yet the purveyors of tabloid journalism feel that it is more important that we are informed about the new baby Beckham (who cares) and who in the world of the celebs is having cosmetic surgery or who is dating who. Lets get a sense or what is relevant here!