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I want to boycott the scummy rag.

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I would like to start the campaign here and now. After that idiot Newton Dunn's response to 'Compaq' as posted in the other threads.

Mr Newton Dunn you are a complete and utter scumbag. Hiding behind the protection of your paper. I bet you wouldn't have the balls to tip up to a 'second rate unit' and say what you just typed. Pr1ck.
Been done here before, mate.

The Sun made some official but vapid & empty replies on here, after a discussion with the admins and the campaign petered out.
Has Mutant- Dunce posted on here? If so I have missed it, can someone direct me.
I sent him an email and got a very snotty reply, so he got one back! Ace.

Dear Mr Newtondunn,

Your recent article on the activities in an RMP Mess in Germany have certainly caught the attention of a wide range of serving and ex serving personnel. (see link below)

Whilst some found the story mildly amusing I did not and feel it is a poor reflection on both you and your Editor (who should know better) when it was decided to publish this 'story'.

So far nine members of the RMP have lost their lives in Iraq and one more very recently in Afghanistan. It is their right to let their hair down whilst not deployed on operations in their own private bar and this article was in poor taste.

Personally I feel that both the Sun and yourself should issue an apology to the individuals concerned and make a contribution to the RMP Benevolent Fund.


Stuart et al - quite simply, you and your Arrse mates need to get a life. You're really embarrassing yourselves here.

I'm certainly glad we've got your ageing blood pumping again with the Red Baps story. And if we have caused you and your fellow lonely and sad bloggers offence, I have to say I am delighted. We will now redouble our efforts to do so again.

But - please don't claim that this very small handful of you represent general army opinion. As we both well know, the vast majority of real soldiers are far too busy doing a proper job to spend hours posting bitter diatribes about journalists on a little-read corner of a website. The reality as we both know well is that you lot are all either TA (nothing wrong with that, unless you don't have any other life), retired, or just Walter Mitty wannabes.

As for the popularity of the Red Baps' article; you may be interested to know that your e-mail was just one of only two or three complaints - opposed to dozens saying how much they enjoyed it, and offering us more information. That's because the vast majority of UK forces appreciate a light hearted story that pokes a bit of fun at units like the RMP; including most Red Caps themselves. Neither are we carrying out judgement on their actions - we take our lead from the Provost Marshal, who deemed it bad enough to suspend three of them for "inappropriate behaviour". Stop and ask yourself for a moment for a moment where we might have got those photos - might it just have been from the RMP themselves maybe? Only the most deluded fantasist could possibly take it as offensive to the RMP dead in Iraq... a comment that truly betrays the weakness of your argument.

On The Sun's military coverage in general, I would suggest this - living in a democracy means tolerating free comment; praise when it is deserved, and criticism when it is necesary. We are the forces' greatest supporters in Fleet Street, but that doesn't mean we must not pick the military up when they, rarely, fall short of the high standards the public expects of them - or poke fun, in this instance. You cannot have one without the other, unless you want to live in a dictatorship.

However, it's pretty obvious that it's not really logical argument that you and your pals are actually interested in. You all clearly have a lot of deep rooted anger about something, and it seems to make you feel better if you have a mindless rant at us. Perhaps you were passed over for promotion a long time ago, or bullied in the short service you ever did for your probably second rate units?

Whatever it is, can I suggest one simple solution - if you don't like what we print, feel free never to read the paper again. We shall not miss you.

Please also feel free to post this, but please do excuse me if I don't get embroiled in a long debate with you all - unlike you, I have slightly better things to do with my time.

Tom Newton Dunn
Defence Editor
The Sun
Much shorter and less eloquent than Compaq's, wait out.
I started my boycott after 1989 when they printed stories of Liverpool fans at Hillsbourgh going through the pockets of the dead and trashing the ground (to make stretchers for the injured but that doesn't make headlines), and I'm an Everton fan.

The whole paper is just scum, like all of the red tops.
Tony, What exactly is your story here? What is the public interest? Some people got plastered and stripped off?
I hardly think that your paper is in any moral position to judge these lads and lasses as you print pictures of topless women every day.
Get a real job in journalism and do your profession a favour. Perhaps put some body armour and a helmet on and go and see what they do in IraqIstan...


First of all, the name is Tom.

Second, we don't nick people for drunkenness and nudity - but the RMP do. So therefore, we are not the hypocrites, but these few are.

Third, it is only meant as a little bit of light fun. Is that not allowed in your miserable world?

Fourth, I go to Iraq and Afghanistan and report from there regularly. Do you?


Tom Newton Dunn
Defence Editor
The Sun

I then told him that I have been and spent 16 months on patrol there but I have cleared out that message and his subsequent reply- neither were constructive!
I was dissapointed by his attitude in the main which came across in what he wrote to Compaq 'sad bloggers', 'passed over for promo' and the idea that some TA lads may have no other life. But then again he is probably embittered by years of failing to get a proper job in his chosen profession!
Oh let him have his stories and his snippish replies - why waste time writing these threads when in reality - we aren't here - we are naked in a bar - with his kids making them do lewd things...... oh, and his wife and his gay lover lol
I'm not sure what you call them over there, but we had the baggies bar, the cpls bar, the sergeants mess and the officers mess, so every serving soldier had a place to go and unwind if they chose amongst their comrads... I have seen some interesting things happen in these bars over the years, but what I did notice the most is that we could all be who we were together without the prying eyes of the fuckwits like Dungheap... :twisted:

This reminds me of a cop I once knew, who would go for a drink (usually nonalcoholic) at the police canteen and then go out don uniform and pick up those cops he had seen drinking, a fact that astounded me .... he was in for a good kicking but alas he didn't get one... :x

Oh, but he is a milkman now..... :D
Haven't bought that rag since 19th April 1989. Didn't buy it before then either like, because I was 8 and therefore found it a bit intellectually below me.

If you should read this Tom, I'm neither TA, never served or retired. I still think you're a cunt and I hope you burn to death on Christmas morning in front of your entire family, should any of them still admit to knowing you.
What an absolute throbber, this is the defence editor from the paper that supports our boys, c*nt.

I'm glad I can say that I've never once bought the Sun.
READ The Sun, an oxymoron surely! the sun is only for people with small brains and short attention spans, hence its in colour with lots of PICTURES.
the tw@t who answered 'no' on your poll has tarnished the loyalty among soldiers; where they all know what subjects to stick together on!
Like all the others who support "our forces" your only good when you're away completing pointless yet lethal tasks for a politician that has no clue running a government that doesn't care and having to obey the orders of a high ranking man only looking to his own future(some not all). on your return everything you do will be covered by a media that loves you so much it will put a blade right between your shoulder blades if it can offload 3 more copies.


Book Reviewer
Yep, bit of a retarded throbber this muppet. Too busy hiding up his own arrse to actually take a good look at the 27,000 membership of arrse, and the up-to-the-minute posts, including those from hot places.

What he needs to realise, is that the people who post and/or read these forums is everyone from the lowliest, bored teenager/cadet through to high ranking (and serving) military personnel, not to mention a great number of politicos and hacks.

I would suggest that this man has earned himself absolutely no brownie points, and the fact that he's trying to pass off his sensation-seeking toilet rag as one that presents any form of truth, sense or concern for British Forces (or anything else for that matter) is ludicrous.

These so-called 'editors' seek nothing more than the next sensation, the next bullsh!t story for a half-witted readership.

The Sun and it's editors are like smack dealers who profess they are only engaged in business, and it's for the benefit of their 'clients', when in actual fact, it's purely about the sales and the money.

The Sun will print any old shoit to sell a few more copies, and doesn't actually give one single flying fcuk about the faces behind the story.

'Our boys' my fcuking arrse.

This 'editor' needs to get off his hobby-horse, grow up and smell the coffee, because that statement he made shows him for the d!ck he truly is.
the problem wasnt the sun's reporting the events, it was the way in which they did it.

if it was Red caps have great party, fit bird gets her rocks out and parties hard, well done to our troops for a job well done, then nobody would have a problem.
it was the condescending nature of the writing, implying that the troops were wrong for doing it that got my blood up.

what a pr1ick though

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