Boycott the Mirror

I say again. it full of spelling mistakes and crap.
So...a married woman has an affair with a married man including no contraception ans SHE takes the moral high ground? Takes two to tango luv!!

Would love to know how much the Mirror paid her for the story.

MemSec - you are correct, would not have been a story if the Father was a teenage scrote from a sink estate.
THE Royal Green Jackets is one of the British Army's elite infantry regiments with battle honours that go back to Afghanistan in 1878.
I mean, talk about shabby reporting. 1878 isn't all that much of a history when compared to some regiments. RGJ go back a lot longer than that anyway, like I say, shabby reporting.
Like the name 'Ray Rock'...........smacks of 'ardness.......and American B movie heroes.

Elite TA unit? Just shows what little they know about the TA then eh?
what did she thnk would happen if neither of them were using protection, it was probably an evil scheme along the lines that if she got pregnant he would have to leave his wife, that backfired on her, and thats why she's so cross... or am i just being cynical?
I don't know him that well but as far as I'm aware Ray Rock is a throughly nice chap and is by no means a Walt. Before being deployed he was O/C of the RGJ company on Davies Street. Although I'm not condoning his behaviour it strikes me as rather sad that rags like the Mirror are only to happy to jump on the anti army band wagon at any given moment.
I do know him, having served with him and can safely report he is a Top Bloke (IMO) who really cares about his soldiers. For what its worth, under him ( and the excellent PSI now at Davies Street ) his Company won every intra unit contest they entered and have sent a very healthy number of blokes out on TELIC.

You may find his name amusing but he worked his way up from the Ranks to command what is reputed to be one of the best Infantry companies in the TA.

I for one would not like to have a scrap with him, by the way.
Bravo_Bravo said:
"I'm not some spurned woman that wants revenge."

All spurned women want revenge.
Absolutely they do. This man might be a thoroughly good egg, but he's also been incredibly naive at best, and stupid at worst. It never ceases to amaze me how easily men (especially seemingly men of the world) are hoodwinked into fatherhood. For pity's sake gentlemen, never EVER trust a woman, particularly one you are having an affair with!!! You would be fortunate in the extreme to find a woman who will be your mistress and discreet AND risk free - and if you do, it's a pity she's not the one you married because she's a rare creature indeed!!

And to compound his ludicrous risky behaviour, he then appears to have handled the inevitable break up with all the tact, subtlety and finesse of a man scrambling to climb out of a rather murky hole he's been leaping into with not such gay abandon.

Not wanting his mother to find out - oh please...................he strikes me as a man who has worked hard and been lucky and done all the right things to find himself in the happy position of being universally adored and admired.........well done that man - and now he's finding the notion of losing his Duty Hero status too painful to relinquish - it's a lot grimier being an ordinary mortal.........

Well, let's hope he at least comes out of this sorry scenario with some degree of humility, maturity and at least a little wisdom. Perhaps he will then make a better father and partner to the several people he has dragged into the mire with him.


Dale The Snail said:
All spurned women want revenge.
i will bear that in mind and hide my bank account, credit cards details and my favourite rabbit before i split up with my bird !

Very morally superior of you I'm sure but be careful as who knows what accusations might get thrown at you, true or not. Remember nobody listens to the explanations anyway...... Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone etc.

Like BB, I have have known and worked for the guy for many years and feel very sorry that it has been splashed across the papers. Yes he f***ed up (literally) and he will be paying in cash and grief for a long time for this but, is it really the job of the Mirror to take on such causes, are there not better things to expose (no pun intended) yes, but it sells newspapers so have a go at an easy target and officers are easy so I'm told! Lets face it he was not a brigadier or a general but a major! The inaccuracies were staggering but again it all helps sell papers.

However, as a person his man management skills are excellent and he worked very hard for his Company and was well supported by the majority of his troops having overseen its rebuild after it was ****** up by its previous OC and CSM. So I feel sorry for him as he has now lost an awful lot however hopefully he will still be supported by those who valued his support when they needed it.
fancy giving the trout your real name in the first place!!
seriously though, play the game accept the results.
Sack them all, I am sure there is no disputing his man management skills and I say again, I'm sure he is considered a good man - and in most respects, is a good man.

And, incidentally, I have also done things I have deeply regretted in the past (adultery was not one of them) - and the separate degrees of humiliation is an interesting debate to be had at another time perhaps.

But again, you cannot defend adultery in any way, shape or form. It is a terrible betrayal. You cannot escape from the fact that he is a superb leader in all other respects in his life, but his character was still fatally flawed. He didn't just have a brief lapse of judgement brought on by drink, loneliness, whatever. He had a long term affair! It wasn't just his wife he was betraying, it was 3 children as well!

And as for the Mirror printing the story - an irrelevance - that's their job, however distasteful it might be to you.

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