Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tiesi, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. The invested interests spend so much national wealth in preparing the Olympic Games to blandish the international, launch so much propaganda about the 2008 Olympics to gloss over official corruption and social inequality!

    At the last National People's Congress session, China's Wen wowed discretionarily for the "Chinese's enthusiasm for the 2008 Olympics" - ignoring the voices of naysayers.

    Many feel the GDP comes from inflation. houses and food are all more expensive. China is falling into the capitalism seen in the 1800s, before the October Revolution.

    Most recent and upcoming college graduates from all over China squash in fancy metropolises, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc, while other provinces remain stagnant.

    Next spring, Chinese colleges and universities expect a record 4.95 million graduates, up 820,000 from this year. More than a million of them will wind up jobless, according to estimates.

    The proportion of people's salaries to GDP has been falling year after year.The M2/GDP ratio is unusually high, 200% in 2005.All money is the ruling group's money,all hardship is the mass's hardship.Fight ,or die!

    No participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! No watch the games! No buy the mementos!
  2. I'm not planning to compete
  3. And in English?
  4. The Monty Python Song, 'I like Chinese' springs to mind ...

    The world today seems absolutely crackers,
    With nuclear bombs to blow us all sky high.
    There's fools and idiots sitting on the trigger.
    It's depressing and it's senseless, and that's why...
    I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    They only come up to your knees,
    Yet they're always friendly, and they're ready to please.

    I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    There's nine hundred million of them in the world today.
    You'd better learn to like them; that's what I say.

    I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    They come from a long way overseas,
    But they're cute and they're cuddly, and they're ready to please.

    I like Chinese food.
    The waiters never are rude.
    Think of the many things they've done to impress.
    There's Maoism, Taoism, I Ching, and Chess.

    So I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    I like their tiny little trees,
    Their Zen, their ping-pong, their yin, and yang-ese.

    I like Chinese thought,
    The wisdom that Confucious taught.
    If Darwin is anything to shout about,
    The Chinese will survive us all without any doubt.

    So, I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    They only come up to your knees,
    Yet they're wise and they're witty, and they're ready to please.

    All together.

    [verse in Chinese]
    Wo ai zhongguo ren. (I like Chinese.)
    Wo ai zhongguo ren. (I like Chinese.)
    Wo ai zhongguo ren. (I like Chinese.)
    Ni hao ma; ni hao ma; ni hao ma; zaijien! (How are you; how are you; how are you; goodbye!)

    I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    Their food is guaranteed to please,
    A fourteen, a seven, a nine, and lychees.

    I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    I like their tiny little trees,
    Their Zen, their ping-pong, their yin, and yang-ese.

    I like Chinese.
    I like Chinese.
    They only come up to your knees...
  5. No sh1t! This is a WAH!
  6. I did not know Geoffrey was going to compete - is there a wife beating event?
  7. Don't know BC.

    Might be a call for the peasants to rise with their rice flails?
  8. Ok I promise not to travel to China in 2008.

    I won't buy any overpriced Olympic tat.

    I won't be watching on the TV (except if they show it on the news perhaps)

    Anything else I can do?

    Oh just to make it clear that I wouldn't be doing any of the above if the Olympics was held in next doors garden either. It has nothing to do with the country that is holding the games just the whole thing just bores the pants off me.

    Yes I KNOW I wouldn't have to travel to China if it was in next doors garden AND I wouldn't have to watch it on the telly.
  9. No wah this. Must be some lefty twat or oppressed chinaman that thinks telling some squaddies will mean we go save him...

    ...haven't got enough bullets for a start. In fact the only way to get enough bullets would be to get them made in China, then they'd get suspicious.

    "Hello Mr Ping? Yes, this is the British Army. We'd like some more bullets please... oh about a hundred billion..."
  10. It's becoming a bit of a thing these days. here are quite a lot of similar messages turning up on blogsites all over the place.

    It's pretty much the only way opponents of the regime can get their message to the outside world without feeling the warm breath of PRC internet police on their necks the moment they hit 'send'. The authorities are intent on stamping out any hint that not everyone is looking forward to the event - it's a 'face' thing, I guess.

    From the syntax, I'd guess tiesi is Chinese; pretty hacked off at the way so much money is being poured into a vanity project that will only benefit a small portion of the country (London, anyone?). He's certainly taking a risk logging on to a British Army website (albeit unofficial) if he's actually home. Better get the running shoes on, mate.

    Anyway, Ni hao, tiesi. Ni xiàn zài zhù na ér?
  11. You could rent our youe place for a huge amount of money, go on holiday to Barbados with the procedes and bank the rest!!!
  12. If China adds events such as the multiple pint curl-long distance hurl event or redheaded mattress monkey taming then I might actually watch but otherwise I can care less for the obcenely expensive and overly marketed phenomenon called the Olympics.

    Although I have to admit when I attended the one in Lillehammer I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of multicultural one night stands...
  13. Taiwanese separatist are you? Just wait until Public Security get you into the special 'hotel room' you deviant fcuker.
  14. Are you related to Teise Weisei, the well known society haidresser from the 50s?
  15. Clever, very clever.