Boycott Ryanair


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******* arrseholes - shit service for far too much money.  Budget airline my arrse.


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whilst I think what Ryan Air did was wrong. I would have to say that using an mod 90 in this situation is also wrong. As far as I'm aware it is not on the list of approved documents for identification on internal flights.
A passport or a driving licence is. The fact that Ryan air is also a Southern Irish based airline would also not good from a personal security point of view to use army ID.
I also seem to remember seeing a piece advising against use of military ID in airports etc on orders.


Nurse - whilst agree in part, about using MOD90, the article said the regiment had his passport, and he may not have had a driving licence!! and it was within mainland UK, not like he was flying from/to another country.

more money for easyjet on that route then, bunch of W*****s.


Nurse I think your view on it’s a Southern Irish airline and therefore is a security risk is a bit out of line and verging on racism. This situation was from Glasgow witch is part of the UK may I remind you. Therefore I very much doubt that he was at any risk nor would he if he used it at Dublin Airport as all airport staff go through vigorous vetting. I am an ex squadie who has served in Northern Ireland for many years now working as a civi at Stansted airport luckily not for Ryanair and find this amassing as when you check in here for any internal flight the good old MOD90 is welcome including Ryanair as it is listed on each check in desk. I suspect there was more to the story than we are reading.


Having flown with Ryanair and Easyjet, I know that the policy for ID clearly states what is an acceptable form of photo ID. The list clearly omits MoD 90. If the said Para had actually read his flight confirmation he would have known this.
As for his unit having his Passport, if they don't trust him to look after it, what are they doing giving him a loaded weapon to look after?

To quote Ryanair
"All passengers must present valid photo identification at check-in for all flights including domestic UK flights and routes between Ireland and the UK. Expired forms of photo id will not be accepted. The only valid forms of photo-id accepted on domestic UK flights and Ireland-UK routes are a passport, driving licence with photo, international student identity card with photo, or national identity card with photo. (National Identity cards are accepted only when issued by a Schengen country, i.e. Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, mainland Italy, the Netherlands, Greece Austria, Denmark, Finland and Sweden). "


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OK, lets boycott them then, not for their inability to distinguish between the validity of a British Government controlled document over an International Student Identity Card (ie a union ID), but because of their shocking Customer Relationship Management policy.

What would be cool is having the MOD 90 as an internationally recognised passport, as in the US Military.  Then you could use it OR your passport as required, but that is another debate.


As for the Sy implications of using your MOD 90 as ID with a R Ireland carrier, by your logic, that argument should also apply to the Forces Discount Brochure, which contains contacts and references for completely uncleared companies...  How far should we go?

Travel on MoD 90

In the 80's a US wide body carrier was hijacked.  The first terrorit IA is to collect all pasports.

The poor US Navy guys were dead before they hit the tarmac; their ID was their passport and death warrant.  If you're even 1/4 Irish, do a Roy Keane and put in for an Irish Passport as well.

In today's uncertain world, it could save your life.


The Sy arguments are sound and sensible.  I wouldn't use my ID on Rebel Airways.  however, that's not really the point.  This is an airline operating between two cities in UK for a predominantly UK customer base.  

I think the comical Irish tube that runs it despises the UK and all it stands for and has effected inetrnal policies to suit.  Try using the currency converter on the thief's website and you will find one particular currency absent, UK Pounds....What a tw*t!

Chin them off! Its Sleazyjet for me.


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Intresting how many people with interesting levels of security clearance turn out to be inteligence gathering for various terrorist orginisations.


Toptoty  the Ryanair currency converter is for country’s that have now moved over to the euro so people can convert, say French franks into euro. It was a euro law that made company’s do this to make the change over easy for the old and not so bright.  ;D


This security stuff is utter tosh and bollocks.

Granada and many other service stations offer discounts on production of an ID card.  Why are we allowed to do this and then not use an ID card as - an ID card??

I have regularily used it on cross channel ferries in order to get discounts and when I did not have my passport.

There is always some arsole who thinks security is somehow compromised by using any thing to do with services i.e. the great luggage fiasco  - when we were told to cover our bergans with black plastic bags so the IRA would not guess which checkout at Hanover was the services one.  A blind syphalitic eskimo could have worked it out in about 30 seconds.

I agree with all those who say that the paddygobshite has it in for anything British, I for one would never use his flights after seeing him on telly and the disgraceful attitiude towards his paying customers that  he displayed.

I also agree with those who say that our ID card should be recognised it is crazy that a Student Union card has more authority than our ID card.

We also seem to have gone full circle since the "open borders" agreement, we should not, by this treaty have to produce passports for travel in any EU country. Try telling that to a check in clerk.
Only EU countries who have signed up to the Schengen Agreement have passport-free travel across borders.

The UK, quite sensibly, chose to remain outside the agreement and thus retain passport controls at our borders.


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YeoTanky & Lipstik - the Treaty of Rome allows free movement of (EU) labour in the EU. However, in the past, people still had to prove - usually via their passports - that they were citizens of an EU country, to prove that they were entitled to benefit from this freedom of movement.

The idea of the Schengen Agreement was to dispense with the need to prove that you are an EU citizen - basically, anybody within Schengen is free to move anywhere else within it.

Britain isn't part of the Schengen Agreement, so we have no right to benefit from it when we go into the Area from Britain. I agree that a lot of Schengen immigration officers hardly bother to check British passports, but they could do so if they wanted to.
I understand some US airlines will give substantial discounts on airfares within the continental US, on production of a Forces Identity Card.
A credit card sized national ID card (like the new driver's licence) which you carry voluntarily would solve this sort of problem and also make travelling in the EU much easier by allowing you to leave the passport at home.

Shame that the called civil liberties whingers seem to drowning out the common sense. Only those with something to hide (like criminals and terrorists) would lose out out.
Some of the comments made on this thread have been laughable in their ignorance. The comments on the South’s security policy in particular have been ridiculous. The fact that I could find myself serving with some like-minded Irish-hater in the near future is somewhat less comforting…

Firstly, relying on the Torygraph to give a balanced view is ridiculous. The fact that they mentioned that Ryanair is Irish twice in the first two paragraphs pretty much sums up the anti-Irish hysteria they have consistently tried to create down the years. However in their pursuit of this xenophobic agenda they neglected to mention that Ryanair’s staff in the UK are almost all British.

Secondly, while obliviously the rules make travel less convenient for military personnel, the situation is also the same here. We cannot use our Irish Army ID (I’m a reservist) for entry onto Ryanair flights, but surprisingly enough there’s been no backlash here against Ryanair’s oblivious anti-Irish internal policies!  For that matter we cannot use the internal ID issued by the Guards (Police) and the Ministry of Justice! Again, that’s Ryanair being *******, not racists!  

The fact that Ryan air is also a Southern Irish based airline would also not good from a personal security point of view to use army ID.
This idea that once you cross the border you enter into a no-go area populated only by gun-toting Provos (and no doubt leprechauns!) is naive. In the South we have a large police force (called the "Garda Siochana" or the "Guards") and we have more police per capita than most European countries, including the mainland UK. We also have quite an efficient (albeit quite small) army, who provide a strong presence along the border. Don’t forget the only perpetrators of the Omagh bombing brought to justice were tried in the Irish Court, since British Anti-Terrorist legislation is far too soft. In light of this I think comments like:
The Sy arguments are sound and sensible.  I wouldn't use my ID on Rebel Airways.
is unnecessary, as well as somewhat offensive.
I agree with all those who say that the paddygobnutse has it in for anything British
YeoWanker, I don’t know what a “paddygobnutse” is but I am fully aware of the meaning of the term racist. No doubt you are too- it quite accurately describes you.

Finally, I hope I didn’t offend anyone unnecessarily; it was only my intention to clarify some points concerning Ryanair and more importantly, the South. Cheers.
Hear hear Irishranger, the comments made were racist, ignorant, misinformed and made by those who can't get off their idle arses to discover the reality of the situation.

Think about it for more than the one nanosecond that you did, and you will realise that Ryanair does not increase its sales to the incredible degree it has by pissing off the 90% of its customers who are British.

And yes, I've served over there, I've been over there many times since (south and north) - have flown Ryanair and they were fine (and cheap!)

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