Boycott Peugeot!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Warrior_Poet, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. I think the union's £1m could have been better spent on its members (like training for those who have lost their jobs).
  2. although pissing off peugout is probably worthwhile not sure its worth a million quid though
    hopefully it will hurt the ******* or at least piss them off bwhaahaaha
  3. I do anyway. No car attracts my attention in their range - maybe apart from a 307 which had a recall/Which Report over their quality or the 306 which had also had a question mark on a particular engine failure!
  4. They produce crap cars so I have been boycotting them on that basis for many years.
  5. And they depreciate nearly as fast as a Citroen!!
  6. I'll never buy a french car again-shite build quality and they go faster in reverse than forward.
  7. I've been boycoting Peugeots all my life :eek:

    Buy a Defender like me.

    its British
    its Tough
    its Reliable
    it upsets hippies
    and plenty of room for the bitch's :eek:
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What you all should think about when Unions and retraining potential redundant members is mentionned is that all unions exist solely due to subscriptions. The bigger the membership the richer and better at lobbying the union becomes. This is why Unions like the Boilermakers was swallowed by the GBM monster. No self respecting Union finance chief will spend the brothers (and sisters) money on training the membership for new careers where they wil cease to be members and stop subscribing when they can blow it all on a noisy court scrap/strike whatever and still give life to the lie that they exist to suport the members. few really do and most ofthe good hard work is done at local level (not always free from nepotism or vice) as opposed to providing free flats for Prestcotts offspring!
    Oops did I rant again?
  9. But, putting your rant to one side, the T&G, the GMB and AMICUS are in talks to combine into the largest union this country has seen. Anybody not a member now, I suggest you join if offered the opportunity. The chances are you'll be less vulnerable to exploitation, and your pay and conditions will be better protected (or will improve) as a result.
  10. My elder brother a succsessful local businessman got invited to a tour of the Nissan car factory up in the North East.
    One of the formen said words to the effect of
    'You can tell all the cars going to french dealers for the have French made Michelin tyres fitted'
    Why no one like other makes ?
    ' No french policy if we fit anything eles they reject the entire batch'
  11. They also have some stupid rule only allowing a certain % of songs by non-french artists to be broadcast by radio what a shite system stab everyone in the back but look after their own :evil: .
    As for Peugeot cars sink like a stone my old company car was a 406 GLX list price was £18.5k new was it was 4.5 years old when it got sentfor auction with 80k miles on it and full service history fella who collected it reckoned it'd sell for 3K!!! but to be fair one of the best cars I had it was like driving an arm chair I'd have another tomorrow
  12. Surely the fact that the cars are french is reason enough to boycott them?
  13. but still a better motor than a feckin rover
  14. Good idea if you ask me, more importantly if the boot was on the other foot the French would have no hesitation in doing this, and they probably wouldn't need to advertise the fact. For what it is worth I have just talked my wife out of getting a new peugeot (she was very keen), one small step and all that.