Boycott Paddys Day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Str8Bloke, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. It's St Patrick's Day on the 17th.
    Guiness, and other brewers will have transported loads of Oirish tat, and extra beer, for the solemn celebrations of a long-dead saint.
    After these latest murders I'm in no mood to celebrate. In fact I've had a gut full of the whining, sponging, psycopaths.
    I suggest St. Patrick's Day be celebrated according to that other grand Irish tradition. The Boycott.

    Shun St. Patricks boozefests (booze being the only lawful industry they have left) and make it clear that you want nothing to do with such an awful culture. Suggest to the Irish that they would be better served quietly praying to St. Pat for forgiveness, at home or in a church.
    I've had enough of Appeasement.
  2. What if I only drink Nigerian Guinness?
  3. It's my birthday, so if you think I'm not going out for some bevvies, forget it.

    Edit: I don't drink Guiness anyway. Bloody hate the stuff.
  4. Go for Castle or Tusker.
  5. But Coleen and I have already bought our velour and foam-sponge Guiness promotional green top-hats. You cannot just cancel it for us- for that we oirish will not stand...
  6. Screw you, you tosser. I'm Irish and have just completed 17 years' service incl Afghanistan and NI. How would you like it if we posted something similar about the english after the 7 July bombings just because the lunatics who blew up all those people were born in Leeds?

    You really are a cock sucker.
  7. What a marvellous idea! - that'll show the RIRA and CIRA... :?

    So Ireland and all things Irish are to be judged by the yardstick of the activities of the murderers in the RIRA and CIRA? If I were as stupid as you old boy, I'd stay indoors lest I do myself a mischief.
  8. Seconded!
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Wow - that went down well. :roll:
  10. The day I see a bogtrotter raising his glass to St George is the day I shall join the ranks of silly hatted student twats called Josh, Ben and Toby and proclaim my irishness by dint of grandma owning an Irish setter. :evil:
  11. Actually having had a look at some more of this penis's postings elsewhere on AARSE, e.g. banging on about limbless blokes not being able to get into MX-5 cars (!) does anyone else get the impression that he could be another Mike Golden in the making? Definite waltish "hard man" tendencies - and a racist to boot. Anyone from 1 RIR care to comment on this gobsh1te's post?

    Str8bloke? more like Str0k3r to me.
  12. o how wonderful. yes such sweeping bigoted generalisations would be an easy cure for the 'Irish ploblem' wouldnt they?

    I'll be raising a pint of Guinness to you on paddys day.

    'heres to an ignorant cnut'
  13. Not as well as the Guinness will, though :D
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Well, like the Murphey's, he's not bitter :roll: