Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bellthrob, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Don't have any dealings with Don't even visit the website. They are headed up by a painfully annoying nutter. I suspect that you will get bored to death and ripped off.
  2. But she gives us money and lets us abuse her - what more do you want?
  3. A loaded weapon and a fcuking good aim sunshine, that's what we want......... :evil:
  4. she's giving free money? where ?
  5. Why is everyone so upset about this? Some of the prices are actually ok, and if you didn't all keep posting messages on her thread then after a few minutes she would drop off the radar.
  6. Dark nights and a fuck off big hammer - but that's personal preference.
  7. good point, well made, and noted
    but do we still have to endure pentbeast cluttering up the place too?
  8. Seconded. She doesn't even have a certificate of naturalisation
  9. Due to the way she has 'presented' herself, I wouldnt touch any of her motors even if she gave me a BMW M6 with a 50 year warranty, a boot full of class A drugs and the back seat draped in a couple of bits of totty who demanded I watched while they licked each others flange out then blew me legs up all week.

    A perfect demonstration on how not to sell your ware on a website.

    If she had just popped in and said 'Hi, heres my business, have a look' then she may well have got a bit of business. As it is now though, she has ensured most squaddies, their wives, pets and other vegetables will steer well clear of her deals. They say any advertising is good advertising but in this case, I very much doubt it.
  10. But Flashy, she likes you - you must be Lings 'Special Soldier' :wink:

    Saying that - I gotta agree. I rekon she's talked herself out of a lot of business.
  11. I do think you are exagerating a bit. I might reject the BMW (actually thinking about buying a new Z4M roadster this year), and can envisage other people doing this as well, but the gear and the wenches? Are you mad sir?

    BTW, as Ling likes you so much, can you verify reports that she does giggy-giggy for 10 dollar and that you are number one GI?
  12. The only thing I would go 'giggy-giggy' with is the cocking handle on an HK53.
  13. actually thinking about buying a new Z4M roadster this year

    Well done, but I bet you are not going to consider buying it from Hanoi Hannah and her ridiculous organisation
  14. She's gone a bit quiet...think someone got to her??? :lol:
  15. Nope: I live in Budapest so what would I do with a UK registered car with the steering wheel on the wrong side? Also, despite having a decent job, I haven't lived in the UK for several years and never voted. The only electoral role I am on is Guernsey, so if any UK spazz tries doing a credit check on me the usual answer is "computer says no". Bstards.