Boy stabbed in kidney by a Brit soldier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. "a heavy vodka drinking session"...... and where did he get the vodka?
  2. It's not exactly hard to get alcohol sent out to you is it?

    The bloke is a ******* bellend for doing what he did to a child.
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  3. I'm surprised this took so long to come out.
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  4. The answer is in the was smuggled in a bottle of mineral water, i.e water emptied out and replaced with Vodka.

    Always preferred JD and Coke sent to me. I'm more concerned how he got past the gate!
  5. I should imagine he was just suffering from a hangover but tried to lay the blame on his actions from his vodka fest from the night before.
  6. Possibly the same way the young jock got out several months ago? If there were ANA on the gate then they might not have tried to stop him as he left.

  7. As do we all..however... you met any **** mad enough to get wankered in an AO in the hard stuff...that was my point, if he did hope his chain of command got shafted too. and dont get me Wrong, WTF was the CP/PP commander thinking of letting this ******* tool out of the gate....
  8. No, but met a few, myself included who did once back in Bastion. Can't see why his CoC could be held responsible to be honest.
  9. I'm a wardodging no-mark stab but when I see

    "Crook followed his colleagues after arming himself with a pair of grenades and a bayonet. His rifle had been confiscated as a safety measure, the court martial heard."

    I have to ask how easy it is to lift a couple of grenades??
  10. Fallshirmjager, Aye Bastion but forward?

    I shared A PB with A Coy 3 Para....not a fuckin chance of your lads bouncin out the door full of the brave juice.......point is someone knew he was pissed, so why let the **** on the street?
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  11. It's not really a case of lifting them, it's extremely likely that he had the grenades in his kit anyway.
  12. ..
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  13. They didn't, if you read the article it says he followed them, not that he went on patrol with them.