Boy Racer Cnuts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RFUK, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Walking home with the missis this evening, we approached a road crossing with the green man lit. Two cars were stopped at the lights, some 25 metres away. The green man started to flash, the lights turned to yellow, and the two cars screeched away from the line, crossing either side of us at speed and knocking my missis to the ground.

    Having calmed down now, I am able to deduce that the cnuts driving either didn't care, or were too stupid to understand just how close they came to killing us.

    What can we do about it? (other than hunt them down one by one and break their teeth with a hammer)
  2. Hunt them down, and break their teeth with your appendages.

    Chav cunts, sorry for the language but im fed up of idiots who constantly flaunt the laws of the road whilst generally law-abiding people get constantly hammered by money-grabbing forces.
  3. Track them and F*ck about with their brakes.

    Failing that sensible option could be, did you get their registration plate?

    If so report it to the old bill unless they are just relying on GATSO cameras to do all their work.
  4. My flat is by a main road, and I hear the pricks thrashing their crap plastic cars up and down it all night. There are stories in the papers every day about kids being killed by them, yet little seems to be done. I'm sure it isn't the police at fault either. Perhaps we need to raise the minimum driving age, or legalise damage to cars with bodykits.
  5. If we scatter the roads with nails and pins then that will slow everyone down.
  6. Cheers E-Layer. If I seriously thought anything would come of it, I'd drag her down to A+E... And buy myself a baseball bat.

    I didn't get the plates, which I kicked myself for right afterwards.
  7. Speaking as a young driver who just passed a few months ago, i reckon that when you learn to drive you should have to be made to do more hours driving and that there should be a limit to what size engined car you can have a bit like the system for bikes. So you don't get young people with over powerful cars for their driving capablities resulting in less people going wheel spinning into a tree.
  8. Or better still, raise the driving age to 25. Or under 25s must have a chaperone in the car with them by law.
  9. Congrats on your test. I see your point about the engine sizes, but the thing is, they don't have powerful engines. They have gay little cars. But even a gay little car amounts to a ton of fast moving uncontrolled steel in the wrong hands.
  10. Best thing to do is get a syringe without needle then see your friendly VM in the wksp, explain that you have a problem with some little cnut boy racers and ask for some OX8 (brake fluid for the uneducated) suck it up in syringe then squirt over the little fcukers cars, if left without wiping/cleaning long enough paint will come off! Or you could cut their brake pipes and hopefully they will crash and burn.
  11. :D See you all in a while!
  12. Thanks.

    Yeah thats true. But gay little cars can be modified to be a little bit more pokey. Also that attitudes on the road should be taught. Bit like my instructor drumming into me that driving like a c*nt aint big and it aint clever. Theres a time and place for that on the safety of track.
  13. Buy a good pneumatic air rifle and silencer such (as a BSA super 10 .22 change regulater for a .177 regulater) will put you over the legal 12lbs limit and snipe the basatrds it will raise it from 12lbs to aprox 23/24 lbs where you should have a F.A.C. but you can shoot the fukcers from a distance. its either 11lbs or 12lbs cant remember before its illegal and needs a FAC.