Boy On Bail Pending Football Tossing Prosecution

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. From the Mirror:

    A BOY was locked in a cell for an hour after his football accidentally hit a parked car.

    Ashley Gallagher, 15, was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

    He was playing in the street with brother Joshua, 12, and friends when the wind blew the ball into Nathan Jubb's new Vauxhall Astra.

    Mr Jubb was watching and dialled 999.

    Minutes later police took Ashley away. He said: "It was an accident. It bounced off under the back window. It didn't crack anything or make a dent or even scratch it."


    Mr Jubb said he faced a £100 repair bill after the latest in a series of incidents. He added: "There are two fields to play on 50 yards away."

    Police said: "He has been released on bail pending inquiries."

    By Richard Smith. 6 January 2007

    Sure, it was "only" a football. That's not the point. I mean, it could have been a hand grenade!
  2. may well have been the last straw sort of thing
    at 15 should be big enough and ugly enough to go play football in the field 50yards away ffs.
    had some gang of boys making a total pain of themselves over the chrimbo
    holidays stopped dead after I had a word with the lead gits dad hard to be gangsta when dad has to take you home :twisted:
    hour in the cellsounds like the PC equilent of a clip round the ear
  3. Hmmm, why a £100 repair bill if no damage?

    And playing footy near the cars would be enough to prove recklessness I think- damage doesnt have to be intentional.

    I suspect if there's no damage it'll be dropped, and if there is, and parents of 15 yr old pay for repair again it may be dropped or a caution for the kid, if they wont, off to court.

    Ho hum.
  4. £100 quid for an Astra repair - was the car a write off ?
  5. thats to cover the cost of the chav alloys
  6. reading behind the story bunch of teenagers behaving like yobs police aware its been going on for awhile (cause they turn up )
    hopefullywill use playing field instead
  7. As a kid, I used to get poxed off with grown ups binding about our soft plastic ball damaging their cars. When I grew up and had a car of my own, though, I then realised how much a spinning soft plastic ball with embedded road grit could permanently scratch paintwork!
  8. Mr Jubb seems like a total knackersac and needs to get a life.

    So kids and footballs are 999 calls? Whatever next dialing 999 as my trousers don't fit.