Boy Of Four Shoots Babysitter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by iamalondoncrab, Jan 8, 2009.

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  2. 'Teenage carer..... mobile home.....Jackson County' :roll:
    Enough said.
  3. Never mind that 4 year old knew how to load and fire a shotgun [ I blame TV - Discovery Channel? Sesame Street? CNN's The Gun Show? ] how 'bout the fact that the gun and bullets were ' readily available' and not locked/stored properly?

    Birdshot, mind... must be a real problem with avian pests 'round the trailer.. I'm thinking Alfred Hitchcock here with a [ what's the term for a whackload ] bunch of crows staring down from the wires/satellite dish...

    [ cue screeching violins and discordant organ chords ]
  4. Was it a good grouping though ?
  5. Oh great - that's just going to push rates up around here now...
  6. Appropriately enough, the collective noun for crows is "a murder" :D
  7. :? You sure? Whats a parliament then?
  8. Pretty sure, yeah. Think "parliament" refers to rooks?

    Thank god I wasn't taught anything useful at school :D
  9. :D Me neither, or if I was, it's long since forgotten.
  10. Right on both counts Arts.
  11. The father must be proud.

    Most four year olds couldn't even pick up a shotgun, nevermind load, point and fire it. I doubt he had the strength to finish off the teen with a series of violent buttstrokes.

    Shame the father didn't teach him the 'But officer, he tried to fcuk me' excuse, then he'd be off scott free instead of going to some septic secured kindergarten for toddlers with firearms problems.
  12. Yep, have to agree. I'd have at least taught mine to quickly pull down their keks and hide in a wardrobe.
  13. You forgot the vaseline :wink:
  14. And Owls.