Boy in court for ripping a 1p bag

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. See? All that Police paperwork and management by statistics really pays off.

    A schoolboy has been taken to court for causing criminal damage to a plastic carrier bag worth 1p.

    The offence happened at the teenager's school when he ripped the bag out of the hands of a 13- year-old girl, breaking the handles.

    The girl's parents called in police who passed the file on to the Crown Prosecution Service, which sanctioned the prosecution

    Yesterday, the boy's 48-year-old father said: 'I don't condone what my son did as the girl may have been frightened. But I think an apology to the girl would have been enough without having to go to court. He has learned his lesson.

    'I am sure police could have put their money into chasing something more important.'

    The 15-year-old boy, who cannot be named, said: 'I did it for a laugh. It was stupid.'

    The case has gone before Swindon Youth Court. Andrew Hobson, mitigating, said the offence in July had been pursued because of the distress it caused.

    He added that the boy was sorry for his behaviour.

    A reparation order is being prepared by the court, meaning the teenager may have to meet and formally apologise to the victim.

    Astatement from the CPS said the public interest was always considered before any prosecution and in this instance 'the charge of criminal damage was considered to be the most appropriate'.

    The West London Law Society said it estimated the case could cost 'several hundred pounds'.
  2. Gets worse doesn't it? :roll:
  3. You vote for MP's who by and large are ex Lawyers or who have a vested interest in legal practices. They are in the business of filling the courts to earn money.
    Our previous Pm saw to it that no less than 200 new laws were introduced to the statutes and whose wife is a leading partner in a law firm.

    Quell surprise
  4. Well it wasn't just tearing a bag was it? The little scrote was obviously picking on a girl and like all bullies shifts the blame when caught.

    Zero tolerance is the watchword.
  5. Yes it may seem a bit over the top but half of the population are calling for zero tolerance. Perhaps this will make the boy'only having a laugh' think about the consequences of his actions. It may also discourage others at the school from taking the same route to 'having a laugh'. The bag may have had her course work in it, her mobile, her mp3 player. We do not know.

    Where do you start and finish. There was an interesting panorama on targets for the police last night. I suspect that this was not driven by the urge to clear up a crime as a warning would have given a successful detection in this case. Perhaps it was aimed at nipping it all in the bud. Let us hope it has!
  6. Agreed but taken a little too far don't you think.

    Wonder what was in the bag.. :roll:
  7. Zero tolerance worked in New York, even worked in Boro under Mallon. Scrotes should know that their actions will have consequences. If this case has prevented the perpetrator fom reoffending then the cost is money well spent.
  8. I agree with The Cad. He deserves to get banged for being an aggressive and anti social chav. The CPS obviously considered various options and decided that this one could be made to stick. If he has to meet the victim and apologise it might make him think twice next time.

    Edited to add that the scrote will hopefully be ordered to pay the costs of the prosecution.
  9. He is obviously a little chav scrote. If he had no previous dealing with police he would have been dealt with by a reprimand or warning. Before people start moaning, if it was your little girl and the local chav starts to believe he can do what he wants without any consequences you'd want the little turd dealt with properly. Bang the little fooker up in Feltham for a few weeks!
  10. Did anyone see Panorama last night ? lots interviews with coppers who say just to 'catch up' on their quota's they arrest for 'soft' crimes so their detection rates increase as part of the 'targets' culture. They then spend hours in the nick filling out the forms which then takes them off the beat.
  11. Ideally that'd be great but unfortunately it has probably just given him more credibility with his mates. As his father doesn't seem to be taking it seriously it's unlikely the kid will.
  12. I had a similar thing happened to one of my girls at school, I took the option of gripping the little scrote outside the school in front of his mates, was pleased to see him cry like a baby.

    No problems since I'm happy to report although was half expecting to get nicked to be honest.
  13. So what do we do? Let him off on the grounds that we don't want him to get "credibility" or hit him with a proper punishment, and a more serious one each time he reoffends till he gets the message?

    I think I know what most Arrsers would say
  14. I'm an ex-lawyer (though not, thank heavens, a politician) and I think this prosecution is nonsense. The CPS is responsible for this stupidity, typical civil servants with no experience of real life or common sense, and at most some High Street firm has made a pittance doing the defence on legal aid. Blaming lawyers for this kind of thing is like blaming ordinary soldiers for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  15. Now you're talking :D