Boy gives up chocolate for Africa

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. The Beeb

    This is a fantastic story. The lad has spent the last year without chokkie delights so that Save the Children could do their thing for a wee while over here in Africa.

    Apparently "Mark raised the money for Save the Children after reading about its Child Link scheme, which sees aid workers focus on a particular area with the donor receiving regular updates from a child in that area.

    The money he has raised means he can now donate £15 a month to an area for eight years

  2. What? What?
  3. Yes and I have given up sex with her indoors till England win the fecking world cup.
  4. Poor lad makes a gesture like that and gets skiffed in return! There's fcuking gratitude for you!
  5. Its very commendable, well done him.
  6. Rather ironic that U2 tickets went on sale in Brazil recently..... a snip at approximately five times the average monthly wage.
  7. Skiffed? Looks more like he's given a hoop-dhobi to someone with dysentery! 8O
  8. God I love it when birds talk dirty! :D
  9. He usually spends £10 a week on chocolate?

    Gonna be a fat spotty teenager if he keeps that up.
  10. Should keep the local warlord in AK rounds for a while.
  11. Vannessa Feltz is going to give up chocolate and donate the money she saves to charity.

    Oxfam are planning to build:
    17 Schools
    12 clinics
    2 hospitals,
    32 wells
    7 irrigation projects