Boy George Banged Up!


Fifteen months of Big Bubba luv to look forward to.... :twisted:
Wonder how long he'll actually serve tho?...

Boy George has been jailed for 15 months for handcuffing a male escort to a wall and beating him with a metal chain.

The 47-year-old former Culture Club singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, imprisoned Audun Carlsen during a drug-fuelled naked photoshoot at his flat in Shoreditch, east London.

Sentencing the musician at Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London, Judge David Radford told him he was guilty of "gratuitous violence".

The judge condemned his "premeditated", "callous", and "degrading" drug-fuelled actions which "traumatised" his victim. The judge added: "He was denied his dignity."

Mr Carlsen, a 29-year-old Norwegian, fled in his underpants and alerted police after the attack in April 2007.

Violence had flared after O'Dowd accused Mr Carlsen of stealing photos of himself from a laptop, taken when the pair met three months earlier.

O'Dowd has previous convictions for going equipped for theft as a juvenile in 1977, and a Class B drugs offence 10 years later. He was given community service in New York in 2006 after pleading guilty to falsely reporting a burglary at his apartment in the city.

The pair had made contact on the Gaydar website. According to prosecutor Heather Norton, their first meeting went well until the singer suspected Mr Carlsen of hacking in to his computer.

In the weeks which followed, they exchanged emails in which the singer accused Mr Carlsen of hacking into his computer. But he eventually said that he wanted to see the younger man again.

During the second meeting, things took a violent turn. After calling Mr Carlsen into his bedroom, O'Dowd and another man leapt on him, wrestled him to the floor and started beating him.



The best bit is that the other fella 'fled in his underpants'. Something i've had to do in the past but only because her husband came home early!
You just know he's going to do nothing but take showers and keep dropping the soap..... Buba will be pleased.
He will leave prison as an expert on American Fotball. He will go in as a 'tight defender' and come out as a 'wide reciever'.
there was a picture of him in the *Daily Mail today, by fcuk has he turned into a right fat tw@t!

*I only buy it for the crossword on the back, honest.
banged up the arrse, that will make a change, eh????
The new look is to put off Big Bubba and the boys, a futile attempt, arrse like a welly top anyone?

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