Boy, four, hit by distress flare fired at family deliberate

A four-year-old boy is fighting for his life today after being hit by a distress flare normally used by the military or sailors.

The boy, who has been put into a coma by doctors, was walking along Chatteris Avenue in Romford on Saturday with his mother, father and baby sister, when he was struck by the flare.

Officers believe the family was deliberately targeted. The boy has severe internal injuries.

Detective Inspector David Cavanagh appealed for witnesses saying the boy's father had heard a "whooshing" sound and then he and the boy were knocked off their feet.

He said of the flare: "To fire it, you hold it and have to take off a cap, and there's a pin like a hand grenade, and a trigger. It's designed to fly three to five hundred yards in the air.

"It's not something that has gone off by accident. Somebody must know who fired this. We need to find who was responsible."

Any witnesses or anyone with information can call Havering CID at Romford Police Station on 01708 779197 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Hopefully the scum that did this will be caught and be up for attempted murder.
... the court heard how the flare smashed a hole in a window board, causing £426 worth of damage and filling the bathroom with smoke.
Neighbour Nicholas Evans, whose three small children were asleep in the house, was woken by the "loud bang" as the flare hit a soffit board over the bathroom window, said prosecutor Lisa Hennessy.
Parker, whose family home was next door in Headley Court, Kingsway, Gloucester, had let off the device at about 2.15am on June 17 last year.
Parker pleaded guilty to stealing a Schermuly flare belonging to 3 Parachute Regiment.
He also admitted damaging property and being reckless as to whether life was endangered by damaging the soffit board of the bathroom of Mr Evans' home...


(1)Other than the OP was obviously the Block 2 LR Schermuly.
I may be jumping the gun, but what's the bet this was carried out by a 'gang' in retaliation for the father asking them to get off his garden wall or similar?

In the US, gang culture is about drugs. In NI, it's about politics. GB has to be the only country in the world where innocent families, pensioners and ambulances are targeted by gangs, purely for entertainment...
Sincerely hope the ********** who did it is caught and beaten to a pulp by the Officers(for resisting), then his fellow prisoners
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