Boy Daves Stock Lowered Further

The latest poll has the Tories only one point ahead of Labour. If this was replicated in a general election then Brown would have a majority of 10

Labour has narrowed the Conservative Party's poll lead to just one point as the "Brown bounce" continues, according to a ComRes survey for The Independent.

It suggests that the measures in last week's pre-Budget report (PBR), including a new 45p-in-the-pound top rate of tax on incomes over £150,000, have proved popular among Labour's core voters.
From the Independent


Your point being? BBroon wont go to the country as he wannts longer to play with the train set just in case, anyway he will realise soon that the train set is broken and drop it like a hot potato. CMD is better off leaving Politics as he is no maggie and it will take balls to put this country back on its feet!


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I might be a bit thick, but can someone please explain how, if the Conservatives have a one point lead, then Labour would have a ten seat majority.

I now stand by for abuse...
Second rogue poll then ICH as there was one last week which had the Tory lead down to 3 points.

Note - the Lib Dems are up one point to 17%
Its hard enough to get people to vote under the current system, have you ever seen a ballot paper for an election under PR?

It comes on an A3 sheet for first and second choices. In Holland the local elections are decided on the Party you wish to vote for, then up to 6 votes for the primary 2ndary and other choices to run your council. There must have been 60 names on the sheet!

One good thing there was the ability to hold referendum on important issues, these were done electronically with a touch screen choice. Important issues were privatisation of the Public Transport system in Amsterdam - resounding NO.
Privatisation of Schiphol Airport (Owned by the city council) - resounding NO.

If it isnt broken why interfere with it. Both those businesses make a lot of Money for Amsterdam and are run very efficiently providing a high standard of service. Why alter that relationship by privatising them!

First past the post has its faults, but PR is not an alternative!
Legs said:
I might be a bit thick, but can someone please explain how, if the Conservatives have a one point lead, then Labour would have a ten seat majority.

I now stand by for abuse...
Baaaaaaaasically, it is down to the huge variance in the size of the many different constituencies. The bias can switch, dependant on popularity but, since the 50's it has been in favour of labour. At present, the average Conservative seat contains far more electors than that of the average Labour seat. As you know, when voting, you vote for the MP of your area, not the PM you prefer. The the first past the post system kicks in and hands labour a majority when they may actually receive a smaller 'popular vote'.

So, it all really comes down to turnout & voter distribution.

If you are a hot woman with nice legs, & still don't quite understand PM me. If however, you are a rotund male, tough!


You might want to do a little research before following through with that last statement, Agent-Oranje.
This poll showed that Labour are ahead of the Conservatives in the South East and the Conservatives are trouncing Labour in Wales.

Err... might be slightly rogue.
...& I wouldn't really bother discussing the results of polls, whoever they are conducted by. They are about as much use as predicting next months weather based on today's.*

*Although, at this time of year, that would actually be a lot more reliable.
Im not a tory but cant see that they have anything to worry about, with a New Labour attack on parliamentary democracy, Economy in tatters, the pound sinking like a stone, Labour Party sleaze (Hain still under investigation by the police), I dont think that things will go well for Labour at all. Libdems certainly arent making ground.
Last week's MORI poll for the Observer shows an 11% Tory lead. The ICM poll taken at the same time shows a 15% Tory lead. Even the heroes of the revolution over at LabourHome are discounting the ComRes poll.

Gordon's chances of forming the next government are already zero. Give it till next month though. The winter energy bills, Christmas Barclaycard bills and, for around 20,000 lucky punters, P45s, will be hitting the doormat.

The government's kneejerk 'back to work' scheme for single mothers is going to cost them dearly among their most loyal supporters - those living off benefits. Stand by for stories of home alone kiddies swallowing mum's stash of ecstasy while mum is flipping burgers at McDonalds. I can see the SNP making huge strides in the Buckfast soaked council estates of Scotland.

I'd wager we'll be back in landslide territory by the spring followed by a summer of discontent and a possible leadership challenge at the Autumn conference. Mandelson might fancy six months as PM to cap his political career and enhance his rates on the lecture circuit post Labour.

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