Boy banned from growing a Movember tash

This sounds like a load of PC bollocks being trotted out as an excuse by a fuckwitted head master in the same vain as the shite that some schools have attempted before such as banning conkers or trying to force any parent attending an extra curricular school event to have a CRB check because someone can't be arsed to do a proper and resonable risk assessment or find a better rationale and it's easier to make an excuse based on inclusivity or diversity or the catch all health and safety.


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How can a school ban a child from not shaving?

as this is the NAAFI and the thread is about school kid I suppose I should make reference to Jimmy Saville.
Apparently it comes under the heading of "extravagent" hairstyles (loud colours, slogans razored in etc). I'm more impressed by the school's other reasons, ie because other younger boys and girls couldn't join in he couldn't be allowed to take part.
Fucking hell I was about 20 by the time I could actually grow any substantial facial hair. You always got one hairy cunt in your school year who could grow proper sideys at 13 and usually stunk of B.O. though...

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