Im sure that this has been done before but I cant find anything.
I was just wondering what the competition to get in the battallion boxing team is like.
Does everybody get to try out or are you selected on experience or is it voluntary.
Thanks and sorry again for the dull post.
When our squadron boxing team was picked, i was in the wrong place at the wrong time.Walked into crew room and the SSM said "ah scouse your lot are always boxers your in the boxing team".
Bollocks i thought, but then again i would rather spend the compitition in gym kit than No2's.
Not one known for fighting ,so you can imagine the suprise on the faces of the lads i fought when they could not land a glove on me,but then again Robin Reid never landed a glove on me when we sparred as kids either.
Takes a brave man to get beat in front of his regiment.

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