Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bataz, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Anybody want to chat about boxing, past, present, future, favourite fighters/fights, greatest fighters/champions, future prospects, domestic, international??

    First off i was windering what people think about Haye V Klitschko

    I think Haye has got a tall order and has only fought at heavyweight once before. While Klitschko recently demolished Chagaev with ease and has being competing successfully at heavyweight for years. Haye will have to box very, very clever to take this one.
  2. Vitali Klitschko will demolish Haye, but against Wladimir he has a chance as his chin is a bit fragile but he has too be able too hit it.
  3. Yeah Vitali is a tough ask and out of the 2 if I was Haye I would go for Wlad because of his weak chin. The downer for Haye though is that Wlad just does not take risks and whilst very effectively firing the jab all night it is so boring to watch.

    I for one hope Haye can dethrone one of them as the division needs a shake up and I do find it refreshing that Haye is willing to fight the best in an era where there are too many protected fighters.

    Personally I'm looking forward to Pacman vs Cotto if it goes ahead.
  4. Well he was meant to fight Vitali on 20th June but Haye pulled out due to injury. Then Wladimir gave the impression he didn't want to give him the time of the day in his post-fight interview after Chagaev. Looking at it may be a possibility Haye V Vitali could be on in September at Germany.

    Also on the domestic side, hoping to get tickets for Ross Burkinshaw's title fight next Friday at Sunderland.
  5. Yes me too, then the winner should be fighting the winner of Mayweather V Marquez, these competetive divisions are great for boxing like back in the day of Leonard-Hagler-Hearns-Duran.
  6. I don't blame Haye for pulling out of his fight with Wlad as the deal struck meant that Haye would only receive money from Setanta and as they were struggling there was a real risk that Haye would be fighting for next to nothing.
  7. Ah OK, I didnt know that. Yeah thats true the money's got to be right for the fight, nobody fights for free. Speaking of heavyweights aswel the appaling British scene is gearing up for its next BIG fight, Tyson Fury V John McDermott, my god.
  8. Although I would like Fury to do well I can't say I've been impressed so far. I can't really get excited about the British scene altogether at the moment although there are a few out there like the olympians like Degale, Gavin and Jeffries who are doing ok but its still a little early. Irelands Darren Sutherland IMO looks the best bet to make the cross over at the moment although Billy Joe Saunders is also promising.
  9. I was at the Birmingham NIA the night Degale, Saunders and Gavin made their pro debuts. Degale's opponent went into a shell and Degale didn't know how to get him out of it so he just danced about banging 3-4 punch flurrys on his opponents gloves. Degale was better in his last outing though. Gavin was good, strong and did the job. Billy-Jo Saunders for me was the best of the 3 that night. Calm, patient, took his opportunities accurately. I have seen Sutherland on sky sports and he looks very good, a class above Degale. Tyson Fury looks half decent but he's fighting below the standard the media have built him up to be at. Good to see him stepping up a level to McDermott but Mcdermott has the heart of a mouse. When fury beats McDermott get him in with Sexton, Rogan, Skelton, Williams or Sprott. See how good he is.
  10. Yeah Degale got booed if I remeber rightly (watched on Sky). I thought that was a bit harsh. I'm not sure Gavin has got enough pop in his punches although hopefully he will develop.

    I agree with you about Fury he needs to step up and certainly someone like Rogan would tell us where he really is at this point. He certainly talks a good fight though I'll give him that.
  11. Thats it, he's at every televised show, wether he's fighting or not and gets interviewed every time. The interviewers are always asking "when are we going to see you in action again??". Instead they should be saying "Let us know when you're fighting somebody decent and we'll be happy to see you in action." But saying that hes only 20-21? He's fighting McDermott next so that will be progress and hopefully he can live up to the hype and give us a british heavyweight to be proud of.
  12. Good luck to Rifleman Ross Burkinshaw. Fighting for the British title on friday.
  13. Sad news on the death of Aturro Gatti

    The fights with Micky Ward were legendary.

  14. Arturo Gatti is my favourite boxer of all time. The ultimate blood and guts warrior R.I.P.
  15. Totally agree Sandy, sadly a suspicious death too.
    A great boxer