Boxing - Matthews v Simpson

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Outcast, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. What a load of crap, cant believe the decision, just shows what a rip off boxing is. Cant believe that scouse cnut won the fight by so much after blatantly cheating. Got knocked on his arse in the first, two points deducted and still wins by 7 rounds. Will never ever pay to see boxing at that level. Its turning out to be like WWF.
  2. I agree, I thought Simpson won it as did the ITV panel. Just shows you that a defending champ has a degree of immunity.

    FIx fix fix.
  3. Turning out like the World Wildlife Federation?


  4. I thought it was a close fight and could argue for either fighter to have won. I think the thing that said it most was the ref Micky Vanns face when the first scorecard was read out. He looked shocked. 7 points and 6 on another was rediculous.
    Matthews was very very lucky not to get thrown out.
  5. Marky, as you are aware I was referring to wrestling. If you are gonna post smart arsed replies at least get the facts right. WWF in relation to wildlife is the World Wildlife Fund not Federation as you posted.

  6. You're not wrong Outcast, the cocky streak of piss played well dirty and should have been deducted those points, if not kicked out of the ring, well before he did for those rabbit punches. For the judges I think it all came down to the impression he was giving off by jumping around looking confident. Simpson played it cool and deserved to win for carrying on through that wincing cut. Matthews even claimed the victory before it was even confirmed, and considering it was so close how could he have been so confident? It sure does make you wonder how fair a fight it really was.
  7. Unfortunately the challenger is expected to go out and defeat the champion. A narrow points win is not enough. If you want fairness don't go looking around in Pro. boxing.
    The amateur game has cleand up a bit though. The button box has altered the nature of the game a bit, but it's harder to cheat now.
  8. You might find more comments to this in the Sports forum.

  9. Heaven forbit that we have smart arrse comments in the NAAFI, next we will be overun by pedantic little cnuts, and we can't have that can we.