Boxing in the Army

Does anyone train boxing in the army? Boxing is my faveroute sport, and since I'll be joining up soon, I'd love to train with other recruits. :D

I know I'm stating the obvious, but boxing is an extreme way to get your fitness levels sky high, and it's physically and mentally demanding

I bet it's tons of fun to do it in the army, as you'd never get hungry to test your skills.

Anyone on ARRSE boxed in the army before? Is it at a good standard?

And also, is it popular within the Army?
Suprised nobody has even bothered to answer you mate. Boxing is very popular in the army and has huge history within the British army. It's great to see units go up against each other and slug it out, and its great for fitness. As soon as you're in your unit, somebody will be able to point you in the direction to start boxing.
Boxed at Unit level years ago. If you join up and end up boxing at any level you'll find good will from your mates will follow you in to the ring. You can't beat the atmosphere of a Regimental evening of boxing. The entire unit turn up in No. 2s, get lashed up and go nuts as you leather/get leathered by some bloke. Brilliant stuff, you'll enjoy it mate and won't feel a thing until next morning and everyone's best mates afterwards!

Plus if there's a ****** in the team you'll get to spar him and have a legit' go.
We need to pass a boxing specific medical? Main worry being eye-sight since i've had a few mates not allowed there amateur licenses based on their vision.
Seen some absolute fantastic boxing matches, Both at Regiment and Div level. So if your into Boxing you'll have no problems. If i remember either the Cheshires or LI used to put all their boxers into a platoon for training etc, though i stand to be corrected on that.

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