Boxing in the Army

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Maceynailz, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, I searched the forum and couldnt find any relevent threads so Im starting this one in the hope of getting some information.

    I am hoping to join as an officer and am wondering what the boxing is like in the army, especially at Sandhurst? Are regular bouts available, sparring, training facilities etc?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s. Does Lockett have a chance this weekend? any views?
  2. sorry m8 couldnt tell you much about army boxing, thats something i am intrested to get into after training is all finished.

    and yes am looking forward 2 garys bout at the w.e he has every chance. 2 close to call but will go with Gary lol
  3. You wouldn't even have to use your fists on me - your terrible grasp of the English language would knock me out at 5 paces...
  4. Judging by the grammar and spelling in your last post, you're either about 12 years old or have had too many fights already!
  5. thats it everyone says boxers are stupid and punch drunk now youve gave me an excuse haha :!: :twisted:
  6. do you like being beaten around the ring then :? :? :? :?
  7. I would prefer advice from boxers who know the situation, rather than low calibre piss taking. Cheers :D
  8. LOL @ at it being too close too call. Pavlik will walk through him
  9. Id say your right to be honest. Lockett has a good dig in both hands but Id give him a punchers chance and not much more unfortunately. Calzaghe is the man to beat Pavlik id guess.Still, we can always hope for an upset
  10. I boxed while at Sandhurst,and in the ranks before that(inc the infamous milling).At that time-the 60s-boxing was very popular and well organised in the Army,and winning military boxers had entry into the British ABA Championships.At Oxford and Cambridge University Army boxers prevented those clubs disappearing into oblivion,including people like Robert Niarac,who captained Oxford University at boxing.Even today Oxbridge have contests against Sandhurst,where many of their old boxers end up anyway.While I believe that boxing is still popular in some units,it seems to have lost some of the lustre it used to have in the Services? I stand to be corrected.
  11. Thank you very much for that. As far as I am aware (mostly from reading boxing news mag) some of the top english amateurs are in the service but I do not know if that is as officers or not? Would officers have less access to boxing than the other ranks?

    I do not want to miss the ABAs by being in Sandhurst and wondered if I would be facilitated to train and compete?
  12. In my day officers certainly boxed.I was lucky to have boxed at school,and during basic train ing Dave Charnley,an excellent UK boxer,was one of the PTIs.At Sandhurst on the PT staff were several champion Army boxers.However I do not know what happens there now.As a subaltern I continued to box,and had some interesting opponents,including a man who was a Sgt in The Guards,a rugby international etc,who boxed to keep fit! He became a very good RSM.Also the toms found beating up an officer(in the ring) to be something they wanted to do! You certainly needed a sense of humour!

    A recent report of a match Sandhurst vs Cambridge University,showed the last bout being the one that decided the match.Cambridge produced a German,who had fought in the German National amateur team.Sandhurst produced a young thin guy,covered in a variety of symbols on his skin.The German though 'kein problem'.He was beaten very easily by a veritable street fighter,from Para Reg,who had been spotted and sent to Sandurst,as a cadet.
  13. I couldn't offer you the state of army boxing today - it seems that the navy have quite a few good amateurs who pop up in the ABAs - not that speck of info does you any good!

    Lockett has a punchers chance and he looks in excellent shape at the weigh in. Pavlik is very open and though he should win - Lockett can pull this off IMO.

  14. I hate saying i told you so, but i told you so
  15. I didn't understand Locketts fightplan on the night.. a stocky puncher trying to fight on the outside against the taller Pavlik without using any head movement - I'm suprised the fight lasted as long as three rounds.

    I don't think Pavlik is that good. He is strong and can whack but he has slow footwork and I would put money on Calazghe to thrash him if and when they fight.