Boxing head guard advice

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by thegimp, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. I've got a problem with getting my contact lenses punched out when I spar.

    That and obviously getting brained alot

    I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get a headguard, I want one that stops the glove contact around the eyes but isn't as restrictive as a spartans helmet

    I'm gonna have to buy one on line rather than test drive one. I've got a 57 inch head, not even sure whether thats medium large or XL

    Any thoughts please. there are a ******* million and one options out there, any preferences or advice
  2. 57 inch head?
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  3. centimeters its big but not that big...........

    Am I over analysing this and they are all much of a muchness just buy one and bang it on?
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  4. Everlast tend to be reasonably priced but avoid the Intro Headgear (you know the ones: red and shitty and worn by crows on P Coy). Everlast "Competition" gets a reasonable chit: good visibility and protection with a traditional cut/style so you don't look like a MMA fruitcake.

    Worth the few extra coins to protect the grey matter within those 57 cms!!
  5. How blind are you? I would say its better to take them out when sparring, I mean if you cant see a bloke two foot in front of you then maybe its not for you.

    Where are you training at, or who with? Most places I've trained at have headguards available to use, and if I'm not wrong I think it is compulsory at amateur level? If you don't like wearing headguards other people have been sweating and bleeding in, you could allways grizz it for a session or two to see which one suits you best.

    Personally I ******* hate them for all the good they are supposed to do. I also have a 57cm pea head and they allways ended up sliding around my head after a couple of hits. Great if you are in a bout and the ref stops it to re adjust your headguard for you, while the crowd all shout 'ooh pretty boy' and wolf whistling etc, *******.
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  6. simple solution, get better at boxing.
  7. LOL fair one
  8. 57" head ?? you look like this ?
  9. all joking aside, i go into punches, it still hurts but takes the power out of it and most times opens em up to a good twatting, try it, its a mui thai trick it works with practice. do you have a washing line? try dipping your head under that to help with speed and bobbing skills.
  10. You do recover well ...whats your secret Mike ?

    See post 19
  11. this was back when i boxed mate,long before i got ill.wanna go some
  12. I got lost on a dual carriageway after my last sparring session. Been driving the route for nearly 22 years....maybe I should get two headguards
  13. oh my,maybe you should stop boxing lol, i once took such a beating that i was pissing blood for a week, that wasnt good
  14. H3

    H3 LE

    I just refused to get in the ring on my last sparing session ..... She was an animal !!!
  15. no way to talk about my mother