Boxing - Froch v Pascal

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PandaLOVE, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Just watched it on ITV. 12 rounds of the best non stop toe to toe boxing you'll ever wish to see. Brilliant. Carl Frock is now World champ.
  2. Great fight - some serious swinging going on... Surprised there wasn't a knockdown. Froch looked strong but leaving his hands by his side will get him hurt if he ever gets in the ring with a real world class fighter like a Winky Wright or Kelly Pavlik. The sad part is that I think he's no chance of a Calzaghe match up. Staying up for DLH/Pacquiao?
  3. Me too. As the fight went on it seemed less likely either would go down, their fitness levels were the key I think.
  4. It was one of the better fights I've seen this year - 2 well matched guys prepared to box, slug and move for 12 rounds. Flicked over to the Ordinary Harrison fight on Sky a couple of times - the contrast was bizzare - like watching 2 old people fúck.

    Roll on Golden Boy beating the crap out of Pacquiao.
  5. Harrison should not be allowed to 'fight'. Who was he up against? His granny. It went to the cards right?
  6. Fighting an Irish guy - Mick Rogan. Went to the cards and he lost. I don't think we'll be seeing him again.

    Its a shame - the guy has some talent, and was good box office, but hasn't improved from being an amateur... He just sticks out his left paw and occasionally throws the odd hook.

    Having said that, the heavyweights are poor at the moment. If David Haye can make an impact as a beefed up cruiser (worked for Evander Holyfield), then the division really is lacking.
  7. Talent? Surely you don't mean Harrison?
  8. I do... The guy did win a gold medal after all! He just isn't prepared to make the effort to be a successful professional fighter - not enough heart, effort or fitness.
  9. Don't speak too soon . We'll no doubt be hearing Harrison saying " Wait for my next fight cos that's when you'll be seeing the real Audley Harrison . I promise you within two years I will be world champion "

    FFS I'm suprised even Eurosport would bother to show his fights
  10. Fantastic fight!

    Well done Carl, richly deserved. Hope he gets a big name...plenty of Yanks still to spank! :twisted:
  11. Froch v Callisagy in millenium stadium next year , bets
  12. That was a great fight between Froch & Pascal - that kind of contest needed to be shown on ITV. I will say this - even though Carl won and took part in a great contest, I still don't think he's up to beating Calzaghe yet. He needs a few more tough fights like last night's before he can really mount a serious threat to Joe. But the signs are good. He just needs to be patient.
    Harrison, however, can kiss his career goodbye. He's delusional if he thinks he's got anything else to offer. He hasn't improved since he turned pro in 2001.
  13. It was Martin Rogan

    :D more like the complete opposite.
  14. Golden Boy being Ricky Hatton? He showed a bit more of the old Hatton spirit in the last fight with a little bit more boxing nouse injected by his new training team. I think the future looks brighter for him.

    I was a bit concerned by the comments after his last fight where his trainer said he would have preferred to fight de la Hoya but then maybe it was a bit of gamesmanship?
  15. Harrison lost because he underestimated his opponent.

    He should have known that Rogan had the knowledge.