Boxing for the Middle aged

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by thegimp, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. I plateaued on circuits and swimming and gyming, being a lazy **** I've always needed some external motivation

    I started going boxing with a mate who does the white collar boxing, he is training for his second fight.

    The phys is hoofing, boxing itself is a skill I'm very very slowly picking up. I'm enjoying a bit of sparring. Is 39 too late to take up boxing?

    Does anyone else have experience of starting late
  2. I knew a guy (ex Light Infantry) who started doing the Korean martial art of tae kwon do aged 73, and continued until he was 78, when he died two days after his last lesson. He died a blue belt. About 15 club members attended his funeral.
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  3. Had the pleasure of going to a Fire , Police and Prison Service Charity boxing tournament (in aid of H4H) at the weekend just gone and saw several bouts with a dab helping of fairly overweight and mid forties (and slightly younger) plus gentlemen (women were a lot younger) beating several bells out of each other. Total amatuers (yeah, apart from the fibbers as usual) brave to the core for a good cause and 'dead' after 3 one minute rounds. Fairly good way of building up the fitness I'd say as the actual competition opened a few of their own eyes as to the fitness required and more than a few of them feeling totally unprepared for that unbelievable 3 minutes that nearly killed them after 'training' for it for months!
    Not my experience but second hand from a few who took it up. Killed the future of it for some but chanelled a few others to 'do it' seriously!!
  4. 1st rule of Fight Club....

    ....sorry couldn't resist.
  5. No mate, But ur never to old get ur gloves on train hard in few months could have ur first white collar urself they are amazing fights mate.

    Crack on mucker you'll soon be there.
  6. Boxing is indeed a skill and besides the very obvious hand / feet co-ordinated movements, it also instills a very high level of visio-spacial awareness.
    My best advice would be to avoid hitting the 'heavy' bags in your training sessions. I've known too many former ABA lads with upper vertebrae damage and issues with their shoulder joints ( to be non technical) as a result of punching fxxk out of the heavy bags in their previous training years.
  7. one of the best boxers on the planet is 47, age they say is just a number, the only problem really would be the cutting weight for a fight if you've never had too do it before.
  8. Its ******* mental chess alright, Its more akin to dancing than fighting.

    YOu're right about the bag work AL my tendancy is to smash the **** out of everything.

    Reigning it in and concentrating on technique is what I'm trying to do at the minute.

    Big issue for me is I'm a definite heavyweight. This causes me issues because I may get paired up with another monster ...Who can box better and kill me or there may not be that many heavy weights around to match with (SOmeone mentioned that, not sure if its gen)

    Anyway on a job for 2 weeks so no bag work just working on the technique and keeping the phys up.

    As well as the training sessions I'm taking time with the trainer one on one to try and develop some technique
  9. After a stint in MMA I have recently (Feb 12) started back training properly at 35 but this time it is purely Muay Thai. Age is a number as Sandy says, it only matters if you let it.

    As for finding a HW opponent, there will always be someone out there especially in the white collar boxing circuit (if you fancy fighting) who you could get matched up against, this could either be a monster, a fat lad or someone who is way smaller than you, 91 kilos is the start of HW (sorry not knowing your weight) but there should always be a suitable opponent with the same sort of experience for you.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If you are going to go for white collar boxing, be very careful about who organises it. I train (losest sense of the word!) with a bloke who organises white collar shows. He spends a lot of time sparring with all of the contestants and will try his hardest to match capability as much as weight. The last thing he needs is some ex amateur champ knocking seven bells out of his clients for fun.

    The other way (arguably easier) to run a white collar charity bout is to pitch the white collar punters against club boxers who are being paid to spar to the level of their opponent only - in effect a sparring demo with no winners/losers rather than a contest. It still makes for a good show but avoids the issue of trying to find equal matches for everyone.

    Agreed about the training though - it is a total blowout and far more enjoyable than just going to the gym.
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  11. Gimp, any updates on the boxing?
  12. Interesting.
    I want to get my Arse into gear and get fit again, my problem is that I'm now working permanent night shifts, I used to box as a kid, I thought I was Rocky Marciano until I got battered by another lad, put me on my Arse in under 30 seconds!
  13. Just back in the country after two months trying to hold on to some fitness when working

    Funnily enough got a double session tonight, two hours to "break me in" gently.

    It may kill me
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  14. Gimpy, you still training?
  15. Not even put wraps on. When I was home I had steroid injections in the wrists so couldn't biff the bag. I'm back at work and started on weekly self injections for Arthritis (Which seem to be working a bit better)

    Currently rolling at about a stone over overweight and the only phys I'm doing is crazy leg physio exercises to counter a long term arthritic hip imbalance I never new I had (until MRI a few weeks back)

    What a whiny f@cker

    Basically I'm being lame as **** as I could do footwork, shadow boxing and general phys just to keep me going.

    Maybe typing it out here will motivate me:mrgreen: