Boxing for beginners

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fnel88, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I've checked on the web and I'm looking for affordable gyms which can teach me to box and also aid me in getting fitter. I've checked the Internet and I'm after anyone with good first hand experience or that knows of any good gyms that I could attend. I'm currently based in central London. All help would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone who has used good nutrition plans that have helped them get lean but keep strength or have suggestions in doing so would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Just do what I did. Wander into your nearest boxing gym and talk to the man in charge
  3. Would do mate but I haven't got my bearings in London properly so don't know of any local clubs.
  4. Well if you can get on this website have you thought of using a crystal ball or even google?
  5. ave you looked at the local authority gym? That will probably be the cheapest option in London, otherwise your employment may have some sort of scheme
  6. Check out Rooneys Gym under the Bridge & 5 mins walk from London Bridge main station
    Rooney's World Renowned Boxing Gym
  7. Are you serving in London? Check if your unit has a boxing team. Free traininig and time off to do it as well, with a guaranteed bout if you're good enough.

    Good luck.
  8. Piss the Met Police off and they'll give a few boxing lessons though they'll be one sided
  9. Any reason that you want to do boxing, is it just the fitness side that you want?
    It may be worth trying something like Krav Maga- it is 'something different' and quite a lot more varied, but it won't be the same re fitness. Just an idea. Should be plenty of instructors in London.
  10. Take up a career in cricket first. Your first fight will be worth a mint.