Boxing Day Meet

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 26, 2011.

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  1. Very good turnout in Tenterden in Kent.
    About 60 mounted and a crowd of about 1000 people in attendance.The Master made a short speech,which was warmly received.
    As they moved of,they were cheered and clapped right along the road until they were out of sight.
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  2. ...after which they were bad mouthed.
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  3. Saw the Elham Hunt on the TV,with the Master going on about the hundreds of supporters there,strange he didn't mention the Millions of Anti's who decided to stay at home,or go to the Sales today!

    Sorry,the 'Huntin' set shot themselves in the foot a long time ago,you want to kill a fox humanely,shoot the ******,it's quick,it's terminal,and it works!

    Oh and it doesn't interfere with other road users!
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  4. Shot many foxes in buttfuck rural Northumberland surrounded by a few thousand hectares of thicket conifer with miles of woodland edge have you?

    No, I haven't either, which is sort of the problem really...

    Don't confuse lowland social hunting with the massively useful fox control method that upland gun and fell packs are... were - as conceded in the Burns report.
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  5. Not by anyone I heard.

  6. "Millions of Anti's who decided to stay at home"

    Have you got the facts to back up those figures?
  7. Since fox hunting was made illegal by the open toed sandal wearing hairy legged and arm pitted shrieking harridans of the do gooding interfereati, we have been inundated with the pesky vermin (and foxes). They get into dustbins and skips and spread rubbish all over the place, kill chickens and ducks as well as small domestic animals - my next door neighbour lost all of her chucks one night last year, with bits of chuck spread all over her back garden - not eaten, just killed.

    Several of the foxes that shit all over my gardens are infected with mange, which is highly contagious and can be transferred to domestic animals.

    The anti hunting law is nothing more than an example of class warfare conducted by bigoted, prejudiced and ignorant people who want to impose their will on others for no good reason other than striking a blow to assuage their own feelings of inferiority and self marginalisation. If the majority of them were made to get work and contribute to society likre the rest of us they wouldn't have time to foment mischief and interfere in things they know little of.
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  8. He means millions of ordinary people who don't give a monkeys about the manky anti hunt brigade and so didn't bother to participate.

  9. Hunting doesn't control foxes,source,why the Hunts themselves when confronted,by people who don't like the idea of animals being ripped to pieces by the pack,come up with the excuse "of course we dont get a fox everytime the hunt goes out",and two weeks later justify this spectacle by saying "Foxhunting controls the fox population",can't have it both ways sweety!

    I'm aware of what foxes do,I'm not a "Townie",I've nothing against controlling vermin,just do it humanely,I'm fairly ambivilent as far as foxhunting goes,if people in Hunting Pink want to dress up,and chase furry animals on horseback,fine but don't class it as a 'Country Sport',to justify it's existence,and how is it that someone who is anti-foxhunting is seen as " bigoted, prejudiced and ignorant" ,whilst the tossers who park,and block the highways,and byways with their 4x4's and trailers,are looked upon as 'good ole country folk',even though a lot of them,don't actually live in 'The Country' anymore?

    The 'Hunting with Dogs ' act was passed by Parliament,you want it changed then that's the place to do it,and I wouldn't call the RSPCA "bigoted, prejudiced and ignorant",would you?
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  10. There seem to be more foxes in the towns and cities of southern England now than ever before.
  11. Oh yes I would. Having witnessed how they respond to valid complaints, I can say that in one area of the Country the RSPCA are more interested in who complains and about what. One incident that comes to mind was an individual (farmer) who just did not look after his cattle. Reported on numerous occasions with no response. That same summer one complaint was received from a fairly influential tourist regarding a horse and the RSPCA got into full 'this is terrible' mode.

    The RSPCA just like the RSPB and SNH are political bodies; much more interested in raising revenue from gullible and generally ignorant members of the public that they are interested in the REAL welfare of animals.
    As for using the wasters in Parliament to try and repeal the stupid acts that have been passed: you might as well try and empty the North sea with a teaspoon!
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  12. The 'Hunting with Dogs ' act was passed by Parliament,you want it changed then that's the place to do it,and I wouldn't call the RSPCA "bigoted, prejudiced and ignorant",would you?[/QUOTE]

    Yes I would the RSPCA is politicised from the top to bottom.
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  13. That's because a lot of urban dwellers,see them as "cuddly little furry animals",also lazy twats throwing their 'left-overs' from fast food outlets in the street,and self same food outlets,and house holders,not securing their rubbish (just putting it in plastic bags),overnight,and if they do see a fox don't report it to the council,until it's too late (fox attacks).

  14. I don't doubt that there are RSPCA Inspectors that are a waste of space,it happens in all walks of life,but if you want to tar them all with the same brush,go for it.

    I think you'll find that a lot charities,and welfare organisations,are by neccessity 'politicised',as it's the only way to get anything done nowadays,as for the 'wasters' in Parliament,remember they were the ones who put the Act through Parliament,in the first place,not public will.
  15. Wasn't passed by Parliament.

    The Parliament act was invoked by the Government because it failed to pass the normal procedures.
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