Boxing day bliss

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. Today I surfaced in a haze of turkey induced marsh gas much to the delight of the woman I own.

    I parked myself on the couch and pigged out throught the day on buffet type scoff, beer and nibbles whilst hogging the remote and flicking between about eight channels.

    I've now handed control of the box to the trout as The great escape is now finished... What a fcukign cracking film! I've seen it hundreds of times and its still a classic.

    I've done nothing constructive, not even got dressed, the dog is looking at me as if to say 'Walk me you cnut' but I have no intention. I'm going to drink another half case of Stella and prepare to be dragged around the sales tomorrow.

    If anyone is at a loose end, I am being far too idle to move and my scrotum is stuck to my inner thigh and my fritter is itching due to a bit of a lazy wipe should anyone want to help me out.

    Anyone else done fcuk all today?
  2. today i've been mostly suffering from sprout induced s*it mist.
  3. Welcome to my world mate ! Apart from the obvious jiggy jiggy on your side, my life is pretty much your today, everyday ! Now how fcuking good is that.


    I am NOT going fcuking shopping tomorrow either !
  4. yep - same here in Sussex. The kids had cake for breakfast and trifle for lunch and were chased away until Great Escape. Still in a towel on the sofa with the laptop and a minifridge of Kronie. Christmas cake and turkey sandwiches for supper. Missus went ape coming in from work. Feck it. I'll do the same tomorrow too.
  5. Shagged mrs76mill, Stella and turkey curry for lunch and sprawled on sofa watching Where Eagles Dare. Then took piss out of sons girlfriend who has to be at work at 0500 tomorrow for the Next sale. Life is goood...........................
  6. Today, I have mainly been at sea... :-(
  7. I got bored and went for a bike ride and some f0cking kid ran into me with his parents I've cut my arm and they blamed me! Thankgod I was wearing gloves other than that its been a borring day.
  8. I ate all the pies...I think Im gonna be sick :oops: