Boxing at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Xoums, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. I really would like to continue boxing at RMAS, any info on the subject would be much appreciated.

    How is the boxing training integrated into the day to day PT?

    Would I be putting too much strain on my body with boxing coupled with everything else?

    Is it competitive to get in the Boxing team?

    Are there any competitions that we can take part of as Cadets? Who would we be matched against? other cadets? Civilians? Navy? Air force?

    Kind Regards,
  2. Would look to concentrate first on getting through Sandhurst as it is a very demanding course.

  3. I'd like some answers to this as well. I'm very keen on boxing for/at RMAS if it can be sensibly achieved by anyone who's still a novice.
  4. Are you referring to the physical or mental demands of Sandhurst or both? =)
  5. i found that most orificers enjoyed being beaten around the ring. 8O :D
  6. As a sensible reply, when I went through Sandhurst (9 years ago now), several members of my platoon boxed, there were regular boxing events as well, about 1 per term (IIRC).

    I think the training was mostly conducted early in the mornings, in terms of putting your body under more strain; I would argue that it is the reverse and actually it should aid your fitness and robustness,
  7. What seems like a million years ago (probably 20)I trained and seconded the Normandy Company boxing team in the inter company boxing competition which we won.

    My strongest memory was the lack of time to prepare and we had to use the Ante room and not the gym. Some of the guys first got in a ring when they had their first bout. It was fun and the sense of achievement was great for all who took part.

    I was surprised just how many Ocdts had big balls when it came to boxing.
  8. Who were the Ocdts matched against? Any chance of getting some rounds in with the CSs? Although that could turn ugly. =)
  9. Are you expected to take up a particular sport at Sandhurst or is it just a case of you playing whatever the DS fancy as a platoon/company? My reason for asking is I haven't played any sport since school (I played rugby at school, but I was a fat kid and I really don't have the figure to play in the front row now) and as such I'll be taking up anything from scratch, although I like the idea of having a go at boxing or anything else for that matter. Except football, I have two left feet.

    Hello, by the way!
  10. I was in the RMAS boxing team 18 years ago (Crist, that long ago?). Boxing was very strongly supported then.

    Training at my time was after work - evenings or afternoons off. However, where boxing training coincided with normal PT the boxing would take precedence. As a nice bonus when we finished boxing training in the evenings we would go to the mess for some high-protein rare-steak.

    The boxing night at RMAS is a great event - all cadets and DS in attendance, and win or lose you get great kudos for taking part.

    Go for it.
  11. I'm still unclear as to who one would get matched up with? Other cadets?
  12. I boxed at RMAS-a long time ago.It was well supported by all,and we had as much specialised training as we needed.We also boxed against other Service units.I ended up boxing a Welsh Guards SNCO,who played rugby for Wales,and boxed 'to keep fit!
  13. Inter company was Ocdt against Ocdt, I am sure someone with more rcent experience can put you in the picture.
  14. I've never boxed in my life, but would be willing to give it a go! Any room for a super-feather weight?
  15. There is the inter-company boxing in RMAS in which you get matched with other cadets, and you would probably go to boxing nights at other military units. We went to a Navy base in Portsmouth where we fought their team (all ranks). It's possible that you could go up against a university team as well, although it didn't happen when I was there.