Boxing at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by greatestrowerever, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. I am going to Sandhurst in May and am considering taking up boxing. I have never boxed before (my main sports in the past being rowing and rugby) but I have heard that a lot of people do it with no boxing experience - is this the case? Do they teach you from scratch?

    What do they do in the way of competition? Do you fight guys from other platoons/companies?
  2. If nothing has changed in the last few years then you can volunteer to box from the outset (after passing the boxing medical). This requires earlier starts and more training sessions in addition to the normal daily training. When I was there the boxing was against Cambridge and also the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I believe the PTI i/c boxing makes the final decision as to who competes. Good luck!
  3. No need to have boxed before, although I seem to remember that most who stuck it out had done before. Most of those who hadn't joined for the banter and extra phys but found it was a lot tougher than they expected.

    Mornings tend to be early at RMAS, and there's a lot of phys - even earlier and even more phys? It can be difficult to sustain unless you've a real committment to it.

    You need to have your together admin wise, otherwise your prep for drill / kit / lessons will suffer, and therefore so will you... doubly :D

    ISTR that you can elect to join the boxing club about half way through 1st term - before then you are simply too busy, getting up at 0530 and in bed about 2330. And those are timings for the non-flappers!

    Not enough boxers ( at least when I was there ) to have worthwhile inter Platoon / Company matches, so its done as Academy v. outsiders, usually once a term.

    Worth thinking hard about what you'll make your main sport while at the Academy. You don't have much time especially in Juniors and Inters, so choose one sport and do well at it. You'll only have half an afternoon on Wednesdays and your own time at the weekend. And on your weekends you'll want to sleep and head to London. Seniors is easier though.

    Boxing could come in handy though. When I went through, a number of line inf regiments had a policy that will newly arrived subalterns WILL box at the first opportunity!

    As for me, I restricted my out-of-hours phys to Egyptian PT & strolling down the Kings Rd. I reccommend it, very satisfying. :wink:

  4. But if you are the greatest rower ever why on earth would you leave the greatest sport ever for something else :D ?

    You might not be able to take it as seriously as at uni or a top club when you are at RMAS due to having so much else to get done, but I'm hoping it will still be good fun to be able to get out on the river even if it's only a couple of hours a week.
  5. Heh still trying to get on my mainboard but have to admit i was already thinking about this. Even rejoined my old boxing gym because i didn't want to look like a klutz straight away haha.

    Cheers for the info Charlie, good post.
  6. My personal suggestion would be stick with the rowing.

    One of the few opportunities as a Junior to escape Stalag Camberley on a Wed/Sat afternoon, unless things have changed drastically. Add in the fact that you are a lot less likely to get injured than playing rugby, and you have a winning combo.

    If you fancy a challenge, why not try and get on the Sandhurst Cup team and off to the States to thrash the septics at their own game. I think you'll have the opportunity in the May intake, but I may be wrong - the memory's hazy and getting worse. I think it's time for my pill now...

    Anyway, when I was in the Sudan [mumbles incoherently, wanders off leaving faint smell of wee behind...]
  7. Sandhurst Cup is now the preserve of the September intake, but otherwise wot he sed.
  8. I'd like to get in to Rugby but I've never played before, is there opportunity to do so at RMAS or will I be out of my depth?
  9. :D
  10. i did the boxing at sandhurst in junior term and seniors. big commitment in juniors, especially as i had never done it before, but the reward on the night of handing the other guy his arse in front of both colleges and then being a hero for a day or two made it all worthwile!
  11. Wah?
  12. Hi All

    I hope to earn myself a place at Sandhurst this September and I'm big into boxing, but I'm not sure Sandhurst train girls for boxing. Does anyone know of any girls who have done it or box for the army at all???
  13. From my experience this depends on how antique the comdt's views are. The opportunity to do the training and spar was always there, however getting a fight was more tricky.
  14. Are there any other combat sports at Sandhurst, or is it just boxing?
  15. Rowing at Sandhurst is pretty poor standard.

    Both of you, which clubs are you with? I'm currently a cox, and also considering a shift into boxing.