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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ANaylor, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi i used to box amateur and I'm finally on my final interview at AFCO for paras, just need to do ADSC and PRAC. Can you box while in recruit training or do you have to wait until you have passed out?

  2. #####You will not be able to box while in recruit training. you will be far too busy doing other, more important things.

    You will however, be given the opportunity to give a display of your boxing prowess, during P Coy.

    It's called Milling.......Good boxers normally always do well.......unless they put you against the Platoon Neanderthal.

    If you are in fact as good as you think you are. The Battalion boxing coach will soon be speaking to you!
  3. haha cheers for the rely mate, i thought you got points deducted in milling for blocking? gonna be dead weird trying to take punches instead of dodging them
  4. Well, you've chose a good regiment for your boxing skills. 3 PARA basically win the Army boxing every year.
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  5. It is hard to get away to compete in sport whilst in Basic training, however I did get pulled out of Basic training to run in the Army Championships 800m back in 1988 against the wishes of my Platoon Sgt so it can happen in some sports if at a good level. Its a bit difference with the training for boxing to running so extremely unlikely and as said training staff are not happy that your missing vital military lessons. As Falls says though once in Bn then lots of scope and plenty of boxing comps in Colly.
  6. I did some 'Milling' with a fellow called Majicadumi (sic), His brother was

    high up in Nigeria.

    My knee got high up in Nigeria and I was deemed to have won the bout!
  7. If you get accepted for training, you will not have time to visit any boxing clubs, as you will be too busy with military training, exercises, etc. But once completed, you are free to try for your unit's boxing team. This will include full-time training, in the run up to the inter company championships.

    Some units have a pool of guys on full time training most of the year round.

    On P Company, there is a Milling event, with two men facing off in a makeshift ring made of four benches and some mats on the floor, with the rest of the lads sat on the benches, and putting their arms up to stop any fighter leaving or falling our of the ring. You fight for a full minute, fists flying, no blocking, bobbing and weaving. The staff want to see a good solid toe to toe scrap. Win or lose is not important. It is more important that you give your all.

    Good luck in following your wishes.
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  8. [Clicked Last 50, though this was the NAFFI: removed]
  9. its not adviseable to do sports during phase 1 or 2 as if u get injured ur screwed so put it on hold til uve passed out :)