Boxing Archival Query

My father-in-law has asked me to seek out any info / records / footage of boxing match that took place in BAOR during the 'mid to late 1950's'.

One of the boxers was his late uncle, Brian Dunn, for whatever mob he was in. Apparently the gig was covered by either film or radio, probably the latter as the bird who presented 'Two Way family Favourites' was there, and the uncle grabbed her and carried her aound the ring (they did things differently in them days).

I have tried Googling Army Boxing, but only get the MoD page, which focuses only on current activity.

Any suggestions from our sagacious readership on where I might get more info?. PS, I can both write and speak, so leads need not be restricted to the cyberpit.

PPS how many remember Two Way Family Favourites?

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