Boxhead Vs Greenpeace

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pompey, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Two Greenpeace boats were intercepted as they broke through a cordon... no messing about here!

    No contest
  2. Good job it wasn't The Royal Navy, they would have surely surrended their Ipod's instead of ramming them!! :) :wink:
  3. boxheads must have been overjoyed having a chance to actually do something :D
    what were green peace planning to do arrive on the beach to meet every armed security force going ?
  4. IMHO, the French knew how to deal with uppity hippy-types.

  5. Good job they didn't meet the French Navy they would have tried to sink them...........

    Ohh thats been done already :roll: :roll:
  6. They should've sent in Leading Sea 'Beast' Tawny (or whatever her name was) that would've put the sh1ts up Greenpeace!!!!

    Edited for penis fingers!
  7. DO you think the British Caost Guard have any of those boats? They looked the dogs for inshore stuff.

    Good drill's the Kreigesmarina.
  8. Reminds me of seeing a group of CND/greenies occupy an MSR crossroads just as Ex Lionheart was kicking off. Military cops couldn't touch them, but then a German Polezei Puma landed- and the riot squad jumped out. No kidding - the cops were equipped with pick-axe handles, with which they proceeded to mallet the peaceniks into a bloody mess. They cuffed & sandbagged them, chucked them into the chopper, and were gone all within about ten minutes. Seemed a bit redundant of us to practice wargames after that - we felt that the Polezei should make up the 1 (Br) Corps covering force instead....
  9. One. It wasn't the "Kriegsmarine", it was the Bundespolizei.
    Two. They borrowed the boats from the Danes.

  10. Yes, but what ARE the boats?!
  11. I once observed peace protest in a small German town where the police out numbered the demonstrators. I find the German attitude towards law & order very refreshing.
  12. It looks like a Norwegian Alusafe 1290 but I can't tell to be perfectly honest...
  13. Balls of steel whoever was driving them, they nearly went over the Greenpeace at one point. :D
  14. Sweet, some more footage Here. Looks like they did get a hit and you clearly see one rib run over the other lol

    Edited to add;

    Just watched it twice more and its still amusing me, bet the Greenpeace chumps had enough for one day, good on the Boxheads for enthusiastic Policing!