Boxes of poppies vandalised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheBigUn, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Maybe the intruder thought they were a consignment from Affers.

  2. :D
    although not funny really
    but normal for doncaster though
  3. Why??

    Because if you haven't been taught right and wrong, you are going to randomnly commit acts of wrong or right. If you haven't been taught what your forefathers went through in the Great and World Wars, then why will you care? If you haven't respect for yourself or anything to respect then nothing really matters.

    Very few organisations these days have values and standards based on pride in ourselves as a nation. They usually these days are a mix of watered-down ethics, bland and unquestioning diversity and service levels. The letters of the rules are more important than the spirit of them. We are called upon to idolise and seek to replicate celebrity rather than true achievements or qualities.

    So I am not surprised though saddened. I am not disappointed merely confirmed in my opinions. The real challenge is how do you stop this type of thing? In a country where drug-weakened chavs have to be wrestled to the ground by veterans five times their age; where 16 year olds will father three children, pay for none of them; in this kind of community, a broken tray of poppies is something to be grateful for.

    At present there is nobody in the political space who is prepared to admit, acknowledge or attempt to deal with this. The Emperor's wardrobes are full to bursting with new suits...
  4. Probably carried out by a bunch of Muslim youths, and before anybody accuses me of being a racist, I'm not but it's fairly obvious what group would carry this out.

    And just to balance the scales, if not carried out by Muslim youths then the only other group it could be is... Chav scum.
  5. To be honest, I wouldn't reckon that it's any more likely to be carried out by Muslim youths than feckless arsehole chavscum of any type given the absolute lack of values prevalent today...
  6. Do we actually think, assuming this was not a targeted attack (which I doubt it was), that they bothered to check what they were destroying? Or was it just handy and of no resale value, so wrecked while they were stripping everything they could from the church hall?

    Thinking about it, better that they destroyed the poppies than stole them and then used them to steal money off people who thought they were Poppy Appeal collectors. But that would have probably been too much like hard work.
  9. You got my vote cuddles
  10. The problem with thieving scum these days is they are not content with just taking valubles, they have to cause damage which increases the heartache and misery, vindictive little f uckers and should have their hands chopped off if caught, they wouldn't do it again. I'd quite happily sharpen one of the machete's off my vehicle CES and oblige.
  11. I don't think probably, but certainly possibly. More recently the Remembrance Sunday parades (that the poppies are synonymous (sp) with) have featured people returning from wars in "Muslim" countries. Therefore, for the twisted, this could be a legitimate target for them. However, it is equally possible it is just chav scum who think this is perfectly normal behaviour. And I am sure that people can think of other possibles as well.
  12. The church my Dad helps run's hall was broken in to, some years ago, and all-bar-one of the organisation lockers ransacked. Stupidly but thankfully, they missed the church safe which had been left shut but unlocked. Interestingly, they left the masons' locker well alone ...

    Ned scum, that lot.
  13. Yes I totally agree there could be many other possiblities but given the fact this just appears to be a vindictive act of senseless destruction aimed at the very symbol of Britains Armed forces then I would definately level this at one of the 2 groups I mentioned in my first post.
  14. Bazzinho1977 said more eloquently what I was trying to say in my post - I don't deny that it's a possibility that it was 'religiously' motivated (probably more 'fundamentalist nutjob' than 'religiously' in that case, and we all know how many of those there are in the world) but I still reckon that it's likely to be feral scum with no morals.

    However, whoever it was should still be set on fire and put out with a shovel.