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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bomb_mac, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. got some boxes ready to send out to the boys, can someone pm me some names
  2. Is there a company or perhaps a system whereby ARRSE could send a box or two in our name? I'd actually like to donate some money toward a few boxes for the lads.... wish I could send it, but i'm afraid a box coming from Africa would prob only make it out the country in a years time, after customs have taken their share....

    any info would be grand...
  3. I've nearly finished my box, I've also got some of those old commando comics to throw in to make up the weight, if any of the stuff I've got on the list is guff let me know.

    4 * Packs of 8 Ibuprofen tablets (solid ones)
    6 * Anti-diarrhea tablets
    Assortment of small plasters (Around 20)
    30 * Melba Toast slices
    Squeezy honey (for toast slices, biscuits brown, tea etc)
    2 * Apple & Cinneman Bars
    6 * Lollypops
    3 * Packs chewing gums (fresh unlike the ones from rat packs)
    Pack of beef jerky
    Fruitin squezable jam

    Forgot to add I've made two of these boxes (with identical contents)

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  4. i had an amazing box a few weeks back off them "suprise" people

    had party rings, peperami's and allsorts in it :D
  5. still looking for some names, so please pm me if you can
  6. Id like Jakki Deggs box if you can send that ;-)

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  7. Don't forget to make sure that you wrap any parcels well; we're getting a fair amount of damage from broken bottles, jars etc where parcels have broken up in transit. Obviously it ruins the contents but, more importantly, it can also ruin lots of other peoples' mail in the same bag too. Much obliged to you.

  8. I'll bear that in mind, is there any particular item that I've left out or should leave out?

    Planning to post them out on wednesday.
  9. You can stick a PS3 in there if you want. I'll pm you my address.
  10. I have been trying to get names so that residents in the village I live in can send parcels. I have tried for a number of weeks now on various threads on ARRSE. No luck yet can anyone help? If you have any names please PM them to me so I can keep it secure.
  11. Skynet - is there a supportoursoldiers co-ordinator near you? They can help with forwarding packages on as they have contact details of soldiers willing to hand out packages to soldiers who dont get much mail. I know because I am a co-ordinator. Forgot to say they posted 2437 parcels last year and are hoping to beat that this year :D
  12. Found these two addresses online a while back to send parcels to, and they will then distribute to troops who don't get much mail:

    A (male/female) British Soldier
    c/o J I Branch
    HQ MND (SE)
    Op Telic
    BFPO 641


    A (male/female) British Soldier
    c/o Capt S Beattie MBE SO3 J I
    HQ Task Force Helmand
    Lashkar Gar
    BFPO 715