Boxes for kit transport

Hi All,

I'm looking for some help/recommendations for finding some surplus boxes/cases for transporting stuff in.

I work for a geological exploration consultancy and we bought some supposedly tough plastic cases a few years ago, but they've proved to be anything but. We're looking for somewhere near London or Oxford that would stock surplus battle boxes or the like. Something that has a volume of about 60-90 litres, and can take a bit of abuse as well. An online supplier that delivers would be OK too.

Any help much appreciated



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Peli are the way to go. Expensive, but nigh on indestructible. We use them for transporting all our delicate kit and they have a good rep.
Cheers Fronty, I'll follow that up.

I'm also looking for anywhere that might do these sort of boxes/cases second hand, as my boss is keen on getting some quality gear on the cheap. Anywhere in London?
Thanks again - have had a quick check on eBay - no joy so far
peli are insanely over engineered and over priced. and they are seriously heavy


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True, but they are proof against everything but bears and 9 year olds. If you want stuff protecting, they are the daddy.
Cheers for all your help guys, got some options to take to my boss now. Does anybody now where I could get large volume ammo boxes (metal ones)? He seems irrationally keen on those.
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