Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by canarybob, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. I sat on the end of the bed last night pulling off my boxers,
    Missus looked at me and said "please don't do that to the dogs"
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  2. I didnt get it at first , Then it hit me and i still thought it was shite!!.
  3. Pretty slow if you didn't get it at first........
  4. Made me smile quite loudly that did.
    not that I'm into wanking dogs or anything.
  5. I fixed it for you that makes more sense now!
  6. I'm sure a grammar Nazi will be along shortly to explain why you're wrong. But seeing as you're probably a bit dim, they'll probably be wasting their time.
  7. Most proberly but i really dont give a flying so, anyways it was a shit joke .
  8. Get help, people that have to comment on how shit a joke is on the internet obviously have one or another disorder that needs treating.
  9. Abit like you then that just keeps commenting , you bumping posts. Also i thought that was the idea haha thats funny or nah mate thats shit .
  10. I still think my version is much funnier!!
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  11. What's your missus doing in Kabul? Doing accompanied tours now are you?
  12. Was on leave....simples.
  13. Is this post available in English ?
  14. My mate told me he drank 15 pints last night and woke up this morning blowing chunks.

    I said that I could understand him being sick after 15 pints.

    He said.. "I wasn't sick..Chunks is my Boxer."
  15. That's handy. An inflatable dog.