Boxer dehydration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. I have looked elsewhere so please do not jump down my throat if this is elsewhere.
    We spent in excess of £70K from the Lottery on a boxer. He gets to weigh-in and is overweight. By 3 pounds. It is deemed too dangerous to ask him to get rid and fight a couple of days time and he is sent home.
    Anyone sent home from the sandy places because it might be dangerous if he got dehydrated?
    Any discussion re why boxer was too heavy is really immaterial. It is the differing standards as to an individual being asked to risk the effects of dehydration that annoys me. What is dangerous in Beijing is surely just as dangerous in Afghanistan? More so surely, no referee in Afghanistan.
  2. Dehydration and being repeatedly punched in the face is not a great combination. A lot of deaths in boxing are attributed to cutting water to make weight.
  3. Boxers always look like that

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  4. As reported, the withdrawal took place before any official weigh-in. That itself some way ahead of any actual fighting.
    "A lot of deaths" Not all that many as I see it so two or three would be a 'lot' Punched in the face? Last time I saw Olympic boxing they were wearing head guards. Not exactly P-course milling.
  5. Was debating this one in the pub with a mate who is a junior Doctor. Apparently in the Olympic amateur boxing tournaments the boxers effectively have to make the weight every day over the two weeks unlike the professionals whom have to make it 24 hours before and usually weigh a lot more on the day of the fight. To remain underweight through dehydration for a succession of days and to fight several times would not be good for anyones health.
  6. So when do we get the 70 grand back?

    Or does he do work it off picking up litter and road kill from our nations highways?
  7. In some ways it makes sense to have protracted and repeated weigh-ins otherwise you force everybody to become "Instant Mash" boxer - totally dehydrated before the weigh in, followed by 10,000 calories of carbohydrate, a gallon of water and a load of creatine and salt - "middle weights" are light heavies, "light heavies" are heavies.......totally pointless.
  8. Not fussed about hepros and cons of boxing.

    Where´s our 70 grands worth?

    Don´t send him home, get him one of those fight clubs (like at teh start of Rambo), there must be loads locally available. He comes home when he has 70k on the hip.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    As I understand it he was always going to strugle to make that weight
    I saw someone being quoted along the lines of "he is skin and bone now and has nothing else to lose"
    I understand that being the biggest bloke in the ring might help but what an absolute waste of time and money for all involved

    Someone ought to be in real trouble for this and he shouldn't be allowed to go pro until he pays it back

    I am outraged :x :x
  10. It has been reported that the team managers put him in that weight category even though he's struggled to reach it in the past. Perhaps it was team tactics, perhaps they had a boxer with a better opportunity in the category above and thought they would risk it? I'm sure the boxer himself would have preferred to have boxed in the category he is used to.
  11. apparently he'd qualified at 60 kg so couldn't be put in the next cat. That being said he's still a ******** and I want my money back
  12. The dietician and trainer were obviously carp as well.

    Couldn´t he cut his toes and fingers off. That would be enough wouldn´t it? Donate a pint of blood?

    How much did "Eddie the Eagle" get?