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I have a pair of small wall mounted speakers which are planned to go on the outside of the man-cave shed to provide music to go with the new decking area I'm putting down (between torrents of Welsh rain). I'd like to put the speakers in a box with a clip on (ideally hinging down) lid to keep the rain off. Anyone dealt with a similar situation and can recommend a suitable box or something that can be adapted.
Why not look at plastic enclosure boxes as used in electrical work.

All sizes available. Fully waterproof and cheap.


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At first I thought your post was about sourcing a coffin for an ex Speaker, then I read on with disappointment. However, I had a similar problem with a central connection/distribution box for a set of mega garden lights, the soert of lights and control box that may or may not have been used at a Dizzeee Rascal and a Snoop doggy Bag concert ( not that I know who either are, nor do I have any knowledge of how this device materialised in my back garden! Anyhoo, I found that a simple medium sized storage box from Tesco ( other supermarkets and bandits are available) with a hole or holes heat drilled to allow cables etc to emerge and these holes faced with a rubber grommett ( or Wallace) were actually very good. I taped the lid down with Duck tape but in your example then small brass cupboard hinges either glued or screwed to the box would work.
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Why not look at plastic enclosure boxes as used in electrical work.

All sizes available. Fully waterproof and cheap.
I did think about these, next time I'm within shouting distance of Maplin I'll have a look (nearest one is miles away though). Also considered the storage box method. A solution will present itself as they alway do.
It should go nicely with the plastic dwarves and novelty ostriches.


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Plastic lunch boxes, food container things, tape any joins in the speaker up,
Side to front grill, at the back etc. Tape up where the cable goes in. its just keeping the rain out. Use the lunch box as a hood to keep the rain off. It’s hardly likely to be submerged.
If so build a taller shed.

Unlikely to be submerged, also I've got a decent overhang, so I'm sure I'll be ok - The aesthetics need to be reasonably complimentary. I fancy a black box (but then don't we all now and again).
It looks like you have a good over-hang in the eaves there. Why not just pop them up there where they'll be hidden and everyone will wonder where the sound is coming from.

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