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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Acid_Tin, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. A conversation that took place this week in Bulford has been reported to me by one of my acolytes. It seems some of my comments on this esteemed site have caused offence.

    While this doesn't particularly bother me (ARRSE isn't exactly a kindergarten), I feel I should set the record straight.

    BOWTAG(S) is a bloody good organisation, stuffed to bursting with jolly nice people. They are single-handedly responsible for the effective delivery of BOWMAN to the field Army. They have done all this off their own bat.

    A thousand apologies and humble offerings to the good people of BOWTAG(S) and I earnestly promise never to give your credit to another organisation again.

  2. What do BOWTAG(S) do?
  3. BOWTAGS? Very important people indeed *lol* If only they could ORGANISE!!!!
  4. quote: They are single-handedly responsible for the effective delivery of BOWMAN to the field Army: quote

    Really?? Pray tell!!! They do a good job but are not the best practioners of Bowman - (note lower case as the system is in service). Sorry for being pedantic! Seriously they do fulfil a role but they are by no means as good as you are making out!!!
  5. Sorry for intruding into your thread but what is the plan for BOWTAG? Now that the Army has been successfully converted to BOWMAN :) .

  6. BOWTAG will continue to be remitted to deliver training until Bowman :p is fully rolled out and FOC has been reached. BCIP5 will be the next major role for BOWTAG in accordance with the uplift programme.